• FT1 Functional Trainer

    The perfect functional trainer/compact dual cable machine for performing weight resistance activities, the F1 also features a pull-up bar. A versatile piece of equipment which allows the users to perform exercises on a bench, a ball or standing, whilst also being able to adjust the height and angle of the cables. Attachments include 2 x single handles, straight bar, curl bar, tricep rope, swing handle, ankle cuff, and multi-purpose belt. Some resistance exercises that can be performed include standing chest press, incline/decline press, fly, close grip press, mid row, bicep curl, standing shoulder press and squats.

  • High Quality Protective Floor Mats

    From: £2.00 per week


    Protective Floor Mats, padded to provide an excellent surface for workouts that keep you comfortable and protect your floors and polished surfaces from unnecessary scratches. These mats can also reduce the amount of vibration or noise that may typically pass through your floor if you’re on an upper level of a house or building, for a more relaxing experience.

  • CaviSculpt Define

    From: £75.00 per week

    The top-selling CaviSculpt Define, incorporates two treatment heads for a complete body solution. The innovative Define uses ultrasound cavitation treatment, which emits both 20 KHz and 40KHZ for removing various types of fatty tissue. .

    The second treatment head is the lipolysis head and diode laser, which emits a small, 1KHZ of treatment designed specifically to treat stubborn areas around the face. This treatment is ideal for stimulating collagen growth and improving skin elasticity

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