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GU22 9LU

T: 0800 612 6511

Timothy Mark Evans is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Permission Number 733692


After I graduated with a higher national diploma in the Science and management of Health and Fitness in 1995, I worked in a number of different and popular health clubs, before finally deciding to invest in my own personal training studio and business. In August, 2006, I joined Hire Fitness, and started to manage my franchise for the largest exercise equipment company within the United Kingdom. My business has seen solid growth each year and the service has proved extremely popular in the patch that I cover.  So, I have decided to continue to invest in the successful Hire Fitness brand, by expanding the coverage of my business.  With immediate effect, I have taken on the management of the South Central region, to include Hampshire, Dorset and the other parts of Surrey that my existing franchise area didn't cover.

To me, great customer service is imperative as is providing my clients with the best quality home and commercial fitness equipment.  I always ensure my customers get the right piece/pieces of fitness equipment to suit their requirements and fitness objectives and I always arrange delivery within 3 working days or on a date/time convenient to my client. Our main range of equipment includes treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines and vibration plates.

With over ten years of experience when it comes to providing customers with technologically advanced, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment in commercial and home settings, Hire Fitness specialises in the leasing of fitness equipment to nearly 100% of the UK, including Wales and Ireland.

Today, people are becoming increasingly aware of just how important it is to stay fit and healthy, but when chaotic and busy lifestyles continue to get in the way, forcing us to juggle family and work commitments, we typically struggle to find enough time to visit the gym. Even if you can take an hour out of your day, you may find that the gym isn't the right place for you. With Hire Fitness, you can get access to top-of-the-line treadmills, hire exercise bikes, cross trainers, vibration plates, and even our new range of CaviSculpt machines. Not only do we offer five of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise equipment, we also stock free weights, dumbbells, benches, multi-gyms, and just about everything you could want for fantastic fitness.

Simply click on the menu to the left or along the top and browse through our amazing collection of equipment. The drop down menu will offer prices and information on each machine, and some feature a short video to give you an insight into what you will be hiring. If you're still not sure which machine is right for you, then you can contact us for advice, as well as ideas and tips on training.

Call us on 0845 094 2262 to inquire about hiring your own fitness equipment, get in touch with me by email at [email protected], or simply click on "Hire me now". The current minimum period for hire is four weeks, but whatever period you choose, you can always decide to keep your machines on hire for as long as is suitable for you. Many people find that they quickly grow attached to the machines that they access, and end up keeping them for far longer than they had initially intended. We aim to deliver your machines within forty eight hours of any order, and we will also install them for you, so they're ready for a workout whenever you are.

Tim Evans

Hire Fitness, South Central

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