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We'll design a state-of-the-art gym for your pupils and staff.
We'll supply and install the fitness equipment for you and we'll
even advise on how to safely manage your new gym on a
day to day basis.  Happy, healthy pupils achieve great things.
And with pre-approved funding for every secondary school
in the UK of up to £250,000 - what's stopping you?

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We work with you to create a state of the art fitness centre for your students that you can all be proud of and all benefit from


With pre-approved funding for every secondary level school in the UK of up to £250,000, there's never been a better time to invest in a fitter school


We offer a customised design solution that maximises your available space and offers the most cutting edge high tech fitness equipment available


Upgrade physical education with a customisable gym equipment package to suit your students and your school


We'll be there for you with cutting edge technology, cost effective support and an impeccable range of attractive finance options to suit your budgets

We work with you to create a state of the art fitness centre for your students.  As the leading fitness equipment hire company in the UK, we are transforming schools across the nation, empowering students and teachers to take control of their health


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3D design & consultancy service

Our stunning 3D and video walk-through will allow you to visualise your gym and share with your colleagues at the concept stage.  Our experienced sales team with over 20 years experience will ensure you have the correct and most competitively priced equipment.


After sales

Our first class customer service and our after sales packages will ensure your gym equipment is always safe and ready to use.  There is no denying a school is a harsh environment for fitness equipment, so we offer comprehensive support and regular safety inspections by our DBS checked engineers.

Flexible finance options

To suit your accounting and budgetary needs, whether you are an academy, a private facility or state facility, we have the right finance package for you.

  • Outright Purchase
  • Operating Lease 3 - 5 Years (Department for Education Approved)
  • Finance Lease
  • Short Term Hires
3D design

Nationwide coverage

With 13 local offices across the UK and Republic of Ireland and 20+ years in the business, we are the brand you can rely on for a full school gym or just a few pieces.

After sales

We work with you to create a state of the art fitness centre for your students.  As the leading fitness equipment hire company in the UK, we are transforming schools across the nation, empowering students and teachers to take control of their health


Regular exercise doesn't just strengthen muscles, it also paves the way for better educational experiences.  Research has shown that aerobic exercise physically transforms the brain, getting it ready to absorb information.  The more your students exercise, the more they'll benefit from improved:


Research has shown that our blood pressure and blood flow increases during exercise.  Increased blood levels results in increased energy and oxygen which makes our brain perform better and makes us more alert.


It's a proven and well known fact that physical activity boosts dopamine in the brain and increases serotonin levels, both which positively affect your focus and attention.


Exercise helps to release endorphins, which in turn triggers a feeling of euphoria.  This state of mind helps to motivate us to workout more regularly and to achieve.


Physical activity even prepares and encourages neurological cells to bind together - forming the foundation for the storage of new information.  In other words, a strong body creates a stronger mind, ready to collect and retain information.

Unfortunately, many students don't get the physical activity they need.

Obesity levels are rising and the UK has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Western Europe, costing the NHS around £4.2 billion a year.

At Hire Fitness, we're paving the way for a healthier future for the new generation.  With access to some of the world's best gym equipment, at a price that suits your learning facility, we can give you the tools you need to get your students excited about physical fitness again.

We offer a customised design solution that maximises your available space and offers the most cutting-edge, high-tech fitness equipment available, including a range of cardio and strength machines featuring the latest technological advances such as wireless connections, built-in TV and more.


Research constantly demonstrates that fitter children achieve better academic result.  Just 30 minutes of exercise per day is enough to deliver improved academic performance.  School gyms aren't just the solution to the increasing obesity problem in the country.  The right equipment in your school can also give your students the tools they need to work on specific fitness goals, improve their endurance and prepare them for the world as an adult.



Enhance learning

Physical activity restructures the brain for better performance, encouraging the faster absorption of information.  Exercise also spurs the development of nerve cells from hippocampus stem cells, allowing for the development of long-term memories.  Studies show that students with better fitness scores generally have higher test scores, because physical activity improves concentration and memory.


Create fewer student absences

Students frequently absent from class can't take full advantage of the learning experience.  High quality physical education with the support of excellent gym equipment strengthens endurance and improves the performance of the immune system.  The healthier your students are, the better attendance rates become.

Reduce stress, anxiety and panic disorders

Exercise doesn't just improve the physical health of students; it can improve mental health too.  Studies demonstrate that endorphins produced in the brain during exercise, contribute to a higher sense of wellbeing, improved confidence and reduced risk of anxiety and panic disorders.  Regular exercise also gives students a healthy coping mechanism for periods of stress such as exam times.


Improve behaviour in classrooms

Students have energy to burn off throughout the day.  While running around in the playground is an option, most are left with pent-up energy which can manifest in disruptive behaviour.  The right exercise equipment allows students to funnel that energy into better, healthy outcomes.


It's easy to blame technology and TV for the loss of interest in sports and exercise among today's youth.  However, most students are simply looking for inspiration to get them back into physical activity.  All students love the opportunity to use the latest technology and equipment.  Having a great school gym for students to be proud of will get them excited about exercising again.

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We're here to revitalise your physical education strategy from start to finish.  We don't just hire and install fitness equipment.  With over 20 years experience in the industry, we can also guide you through the process of choosing the best fitness equipment and accomplishing your school objectives.  We're at the front line of the fight against childhood obesity and inactivity and we've worked with countless schools, just like yours, to build the ultimate fitness environment for students and teachers.  With Hire Fitness we give you options:

Monthly Hire

Hire your fitness equipment from a selection of the most impressive equipment on the market.  We have world class machines to suit everybody and we can advise on what works best in a school gym, depending on the numbers of users you expect each day.  We offer long term hires and machines can be switched out if you find some equipment is being utilised more than other pieces.  This solution gives you complete peace of mind and flexibility.

Standard Operating Lease

We work closely with a number of finance partners to offer you a standard lease package which typically runs for 3 to 5 years.  Leasing offers flexibility and no upfront costs.  Finance is subject to status.


If you have the budgets in place, you may prefer to purchase your fitness equipment outright.  We offer annual service contracts which can be paid for monthly or in advance to ensure that your equipment is maintained to optimum levels at all times.

As long term approved suppliers of the Redgrave Legacy Fund with Investec education, we're at the cutting edge of the education and fitness arena.  We're proud to be part of the programme in the UK for improving leisure and sports facilities in schools.

Today, every secondary-level school in the UK has been pre-approved to access up to £250,000 in funding for updating and extending their current technology for sports and exercise.

Our extensive knowledge of the fitness industry, combined with our years of experience in working with schools and colleges to provide the best fitness solutions for students, makes us the perfect partner for your school's fitness strategy.

Hire Fitness is helping schools to unlock a new level of exercise facilities, physical education and fitness for students around the country.

Upgrade physical education with a customisable gym equipment package to suit your students and your school.  We'll be there for you with cutting edge technology, cost effective support and an impeccable range of attractive finance options to suit your budgets.


With more than two decades of experience in our industry, we're perfectly positioned to guide your school to get the most out of your budgets for physical education.

When we work with schools like yours to install new fitness facilities, we offer a complete end-to-end service, starting from the initial concept all the way through to maintenance and servicing.  Our service begins with helping you to find the right fintess equipment for your school and working closely with you to design a facility that will work best with the space you have available.


Our customer service is renowned for being first class and our level of involvement in your project can depend entirely upon your requirements.  We're ready to help and advise you every step of the say and we'll provide you with a realistic looking 3D design concept to help you visualise what your new school gym will look like, in the context of your space, before you proceed.


Once you're ready for us to install your new gym, our experienced engineers will deliver and install the equipment for yo, according to the highest safety standards.  We also work to current Government guidelines around Covid, meaning hygiene, PPE and social distancing is adhered to at all times.


When your educational facility starts working with Hire Fitness, you get more than just a resource for hiring, leasing or purchasing gym equipment.  You get a partner who cares and who offers a first class customer service from start to finish.  The fitness equipment we offer includes:

BH iMagna RC

The core of most gym environments and the key to long-term student endurance and fitness.  We stock treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, cross-trainers and more all designed specifically to suit your students needs.

kettle bells

Help to improve your students physical strength and endurance with solutions that make them mentally and physically stronger.  Options include weights suitable for children and teenagers alongside a range of other accessories.


Mats and Accessories

Matted areas are perfect for warming up and cooling down in between exercise sessions and working on flexibility routines.  Our wide selection of products empowers students to discover the benefits of body-weight exercises, flexibility training, stretching and more.

We can even help with the 'added extras' that often get overlooked such as where to install water dispensers for hydration, disinfectant wipes and paper towel dispensers so students can wipe down equipment after use and we even provide free fitness posters.  We can also advise on:


CCTV camera positioning if required

First-aid kits

Emergency strategies

TV and music for motivation

Showers and changing facilities


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