Residents Gyms


Luxury hotels are increasingly defined by the quality of their gym facilities; the high end apartment sector is now following suit


Following the global economic crisis of 2008 and the stability of house prices in London throughout the crash, real estate in the capital is now the preferred choice for foreign investors over the more vulnerable gold or bonds.  This investment has led to a rise in so called 'lifestyle' apartment blocks where residents are now expecting luxuries normally only afforded to those staying in high end hotels in the city.  Developers of apartment blocks are now incorporating full leisure suites into the initial design stage of new blocks including luxury services such as pools, spas, high end gyms, business suites, function rooms and concierge services.  People are looking for much more than just an apartment in Britain's big cities now and this trend in property development is set to continue with a 5 year boom forecast over the next 5 years.


The benefits of new developments featuring pools, spas, gyms etc all on-site, is two fold for both the purchasers and the development company.  For development companies it means they can recoop some of the investment through residents' service charges relating to the leisure facilities and it not only increases the overall property value but also increases the desirability of the development in the eyes of potential buyers and investors.  For buyers and investors who are keen to live on modern luxury developments, the on-site leisure facilities offer people an enviable exclusive club environment in which to conduct business, exercise and relax but all in the comfort of their own home environments.  It's not only convenient to have everything on site but also offers money saving options as couples don't have to double up on expensive gym memberships.