Hire Fitness Gym Developments

Hire Fitness residential gyms and show-room equipment hire, lease or purchase, is intended to help developers make the lasting impact on the property market that they need, to succeed in these competitive times. As the nation turns towards health and fitness to help them succeed in various areas of life, it's crucial for developers to look for ways to stand out from the crowd.  With the rise in so called 'lifestyle' apartment blocks where residents are now expecting luxuries normally only afforded to those staying in high end hotels in the city.  Developers of apartment blocks are now incorporating full leisure suites into the initial design stage of new blocks including luxury services such as pools, spas, high end gyms, business suites, function rooms and concierge services.  People are looking for much more than just an apartment in Britain's big cities now and this trend in property development is set to continue with a 5 year boom forecast over the next 5 years.

Hire Fitness can help you install smart gyms instantly within your showrooms and residential spaces, to create community fitness environments that help sell your new properties. We've worked alongside countless developments to help create new opportunities for homeowners across the UK, contributing to apartments and executive homes that completely break the mould.



Offering A Holistic Lifestyle

At Hire Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest fitness equipment solutions and accessories to companies and organisations from all walks of life. Our top of the range equipment includes:

  • Commercial grade cardio equipment: This includes treadmills, cross-trainers, vibration plates, exercise bikes and rowing machines.
  • Exceptional fitness accessories and mats: We can offer mats that help to protect your flooring from scrapes and buffing caused by fitness equipment, as well as fitness accessories for a variety of comprehensive workouts.
  • Strength and endurance equipment: Our endurance and strength equipment ranges from weights and benches, to heart-monitors to help fitness enthusiasts pinpoint their optimal workout level.

The Benefits Of Residents' Gyms

The benefits of new developments featuring pools, spas, gyms etc all on-site, is two fold for both the purchasers and the development company.  For development companies it means they can recoup some of the investment through residents' service charges relating to the leisure facilities and it not only increases the overall property value but also increases the desirability of the development in the eyes of potential buyers and investors.  For buyers and investors who are keen to live on modern luxury developments, the on-site leisure facilities offer people an enviable exclusive club environment in which to conduct business, exercise and relax but all in the comfort of their own home environments.  It's not only convenient to have everything on site but also offers money saving options as couples don't have to double up on expensive gym memberships.

Bedford Residents Gym

The Hard Work Is Done For You

With Hire Fitness, all of the hard work associated with installing residential gyms and show-home equipment can be done for you - so that you can focus on selling properties and developing the best possible structures for your clients.

We'll deliver and install all of the equipment you want, according to your chosen schedule, and we can even pick it back up again when you're done with it.

Whether you want to give your customers the perfect example of what they could achieve with the wide-open spaces that you develop for them, or you want to enhance your homes and apartments with a unique fitness solution, Hire Fitness is here to help.


We can provide a number of funding options to you to finance your residents' gym or show home including monthly hire, standard lease (which is typically spread over 3-5 years) or purchase.  We work closely with a range of finance partners who will assist you.

What Fitness Equipment is Needed for a Residents' Gym?

Paper towel dispenser with bin

TV or or Music

Water Dispenser

First Aid Kit

Telephone or push button alarm for emergencies

CCTV if required

Posters (we supply free fitness related posters with instructions)

A qualified personal trainer/instructor 

Lockers for safe storage

Showers and changing facilities

Health and Safety Advice



We have years of experience with health and safety issues and can advise you on every aspect of safety in Residents' gym.  There are strict guidelines to be adhered to such as insurance, first aid provisions and the equipment should be regularly checked and serviced

After sales

Our service provides each Residents' Gym or Show Home with a customised design solution

Our service provides each developer with a customised design solution with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including a wide range of cardio and strength equipment featuring the latest technology, for example wireless connections, built-in TV, and more! Once your gym has been installed, we can, if you wish, manage your facility fully with a team of qualified personal trainers and staff who have years of experience in running gyms of all sizes and scales.

We can provide you will a full after sales service contract including regular planned maintenance checks and servicing to suit your requirements.



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