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Data Protection

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Hire Fitness, as a data controller, processes all customer data in line with the law and Hire Fitness will never sell personal information to third parties.  The lawful basis for processing customer data is that it is necessary in order to fulfil the hire request from the customer.  All data is retained for 7 years, unless a customer requests it's removal.  Customers and subscribers to our newsletter, have a right to see the information held on them and this data can be edited or removed at any time.  See below to edit your preferences.


(a)  To help the Owner decide whether to enter into this Contract or any future agreement with the Hirer, the Owner may make the use of the information provided to it by the Hirer; information received from enquiries made about the Hirer; and information gained from the Hirer’s performance of this and any other agreement which the Hirer has with the Owner. The Owner’s enquiries may include searching the Hirer’s record at one or more credit reference agencies (“the Credit Reference Agencies”) who will keep details of the search. These details will be seen by other organisations who make searches. Information held about the Hirer by the Credit Reference Agencies may be linked to records relating to one or more of the Hirer’s partners. This is called “association”. For the purposes of this Contract and the application, the Hirer may be treated as financially linked and assessed with reference to any associated records.

(b)  If this is a joint application or if the Owner is informed by the Hirer of a financial association with another person, the Hirer must ensure that he has the authority (i) to disclose information about the joint applicant and any such other person and (ii) to authorise the Owner to search, link or record information about the joint applicant or such other person, at one or more of the Credit Reference Agencies. An “association” will be created at the Credit Reference Agencies between the joint applicants and/or between the Hirer and any person with whom the Hirer has stated there is a financial relationship. This links together all the financial records, and unless a disassociation is successfully filed at the Credit Reference Agencies, all the financial records will be taken into account in any future applications by the joint applicants, whether such applications are made together, or separately. The Owner may also use a credit storing system.

(c)  If the Owner enters into this Agreement with the Hirer, the Owner may disclose information about the Hirer, this agreement and the conduct of the Hirer’s account (including payment record) to any of the Credit Reference Agencies.

(d)  Such information may also be disclosed to other lenders, the supplier, the insurer, and any other person or company, which the Owner may select from time to time for the purposes of considering any future applications for finance and financial related services that may be made by the Hirer or any member of the Hirer’s household, fraud prevention, tracing debtors and recovering debt, carrying out statistical analysis and administering the Hirer’s account.

(e)  Customer information may be passed to the following organisations, depending on how a customer chooses to pay for the hire of fitness equipment:  Paypal, Sagepay, Go-cardless.  In addition, customer data may be passed to other Hire Fitness franchises within the UK or Ireland so that a customer order can be processed; data may be passed via email (Google mail), Dropbox or Google Drive.  Hire Fitness ensures, where possible, that the use of appropriate online encryption and other security measures are taken to ensure your data is secure and not sold or passed on without authorisation.  Our offline data is managed in a controlled way and stored in our secure offices at each franchise location.

(f)  The information which the Owner holds about the Hirer may be used for the purpose of carrying out market research. The Owner may also provide the Hirer with information about the Owner’s other products and services. For these purposes, the Company may contact the Hirer by post, telephone, or other means.

If you do not wish to be contacted for this purpose or you would like data edited or permanently removed, please contact Head Office.