Introducing Your All-in-One Commercial Gym Solution

Hire Fitness are on-hand to install, design, and manage employee and independent gym installation for a range of businesses, no matter the size. We've worked with some of the UK's top FTSE 100, and other hugely influential companies such as Unilever, Lloyds Banking, Dyson, Lego, Innocent, and Mars!

Our service provides each client with a customised design solution that maximises their available space, and offers the most cutting-edge, high-tech fitness equipment available, including a range of cardio and strength machines featuring the latest technological advances such as wireless connections, built-in TV, and more! Once your fitness solutions have been installed, we can manage your facility fully with a host of qualified personal trainers, each of which have years of experience in running small to mid-sized gyms, as well as large-scale operations.

Hire Fitness offer Independent Gyms managed solutions that give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing their new fitness centre will run smoothly, safely, and profitably, with included full risk assessments.

What Kind of Equipment Will You Need?

Every gym is different, which is wire Hire Fitness ensures you get a customised approach to gym equipment management based on a full needs analysis. You'll need to conduct research to find out how much interest your independent gym is likely to generate, and give us an insight into the kind of help you're going to need. From there, we can advise you on the best mix of equipment for your gym solutions, including:

  • Strength equipment: Bench and free weight solutions are often effective and space-saving options for fitness enthusiasts that want to improve their endurance and strength.
  • Cardio equipment: The heart of any gym setting, cardio equipment from Hire Fitness can include anything from treadmills, to elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines, and exercise bikes.
  • Accessories and Mats: Hire Fitness can even give you a range of mats and accessories to help people in your gym cool down and warm up before and after exercising. We have a host of accessories that can assist in providing consistent motivation and deliver workout boosts to any gym-goer.


We can provide a number of funding options to you to finance your gym including monthly hire, standard lease (which is typically spread over 3-5 years) or purchase.  We work closely with a range of finance partners who will assist you.

Can Hire Fitness Help with Health and Safety?

At Hire Fitness, we have years of experience managing health and safety issues in a range of gym environments, meaning that we're well equipped to give you the advice you need to thrive. There are many strict guidelines involved with maintaining a safe and healthy gym environment, and we can advise you on all of them, including:

  • Checking fitness equipment regularly for safety issues, and scheduling routine service
  • Offering emergency contact and first aid kits to gym users
  • Conducting risk analysis for supervised gyms, and implementing specific buddy systems
  • Understanding how to use and store power cables to prevent accidents
  • Using secure entry systems to ensure that only screened gym members are allowed to access the equipment
  • Informing insurance companies about your equipment hire
  • Informing your landlord about the decision to host a gym within their premises.

How Can Hire Fitness Help You?

Lease Gym Equipment

Not only do Hire Fitness provide the fitness equipment that you need to make your independent gym a success, but we make running your new business easier too. Since we know how important fitness is, and how difficult it can be to make a mark in the industry, we've got a range of funding options to help you finance your gym facility, including a monthly hire and standard lease which can be spread over three to five years of purchase.

Besides our great financial deals, we can also give you extra advice on how to run a more effective independent gym, from providing information on extra equipment you might need like music, controlled access solutions, and CCTV, to offering advice on health and safety.

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Hire Fitness can even provide a comprehensive after-sales package that can include regular planned maintenance appointments and servicing to ensure that your equipment, and your gym reputation remains pristine - no matter what.


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