Treadmill and Cross Trainer Combo Deal


Amazing money saving combo deal which includes our gym quality treadmill and cross-trainer so you can start your own mini gym at home. .

The Standard Home Treadmill, sometimes referred to as a running machine, benefits from a cushioned deck which helps protect your knees from the impact and it folds flat for storage. The Standard Home Cross Trainer is a fantastic way of getting an all over body workout. The ideal solution for all your friends and family.These exact models are subject to availability in your region. If not available, we will deliver models of equivalent standard and functionality.

Hire Period: (Please select)
Minimum hire period
Rental per week
Delivery charge
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12 Weeks £207.00 12_weeks
£37.00 £148.00 per week
12 Weeks Click to select hire period
£37.00 per week + £59.00 delivery
Click to select
16 Weeks £199.00 16_weeks
£35.00 £140.00 per week
16 Weeks Click to select hire period
£35.00 per week + £59.00 delivery
Click to select
20 Weeks £195.00 20_weeks
£34.00 £136.00 per week
20 Weeks Click to select hire period
£34.00 per week + £59.00 delivery
Click to select
28 Weeks £191.00 28_weeks
£33.00 £132.00 per week
28 Weeks Click to select hire period
£33.00 per week + £59.00 delivery
First 4 weeks hire: 0
Delivery & Collection Charge: 0
Grand total: 0

You only initially pay for the first 4 weeks rent, and a deposit (if applicable) and a delivery charge (if applicable). Subsequent rent will be charged every 4 weeks to your credit card or debit card until you give us 7 days’ notice in writing, prior to agreed hire term expiring


Running machine and cross trainer combo deal:

This is the perfect combination to help improve your fitness levels – the treadmill and cross trainer combo deal. This deal includes the Standard Home Treadmill and the Standard Home Cross Trainer so you can your family can get fit without having to leave home.

User Manuals:  It is very important you read the user manuals for each product before using the fitness equipment.  For environmental reasons we no longer supply printed manuals but they are all accessible on our website if you click on this link:  manuals or feel free to email or call us if you have any queries on using the equipment or if you cannot find the appropriate user manual.

All our products are generic in nature, which means the images and description are typical of the sort of product you should expect to receive. But don’t worry, we guarantee our equipment will exceed your expectations or we’ll give you your money back.


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