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If you enjoy training with weights, but struggle to find places to store them within your home, our incredible set of space-saving Power Blocks combined with a deluxe strength-training bench could introduce the ideal solution for your needs. The strength equipment hire collection not only looks great – but is also easy to use, quick and simple to adjust, and more efficient than standard racks and dumbbells. .

Each piece of strength equipment for hire is constructed out of a strong and robust industrial composite, designed to fit perfectly inside each other for compact storage. All you need to do to get started is select the weight of your choice, lift it from the appropriate section, then settle down onto your comfortable, adjustable bench for a great workout.

Training with weights is an important exercise that many people frequently overlook. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up, choosing to hire strength equipment and use weights in your regular fitness regime could help. Muscular tissue differs from fat in many ways – as it helps to consume energy and influence the metabolism in a positive manner.

Typically, strength training is regarded as a long-term commitment – as it takes time and dedication to build and maintain incredible lean muscles. However, most people find it difficult to get to the gym every day, or store a wide range of strength training equipment at home. With Hire Fitness, it’s possible to achieve a compact solution that allows you to begin weight training from the comfort of your own home – whenever you like. Though our minimum hiring period is 4 weeks, customers can hire strength equipment for as long as they like, and can even benefit from free swaps or free delivery.

Importantly, it’s worth noting that strength training equipment hire is not only intended for those aiming to achieve strong muscles – or advanced athletes searching for new challenges. Even if you’re only aiming to tone up, you can still lift weights without looking bulky – a concern that often turns women away from the idea of strength training. What’s more, choosing to hire a strength equipment collection can deliver various benefits beyond simply building or maintaining muscle, including:

Better fat loss
Improved body contours
An increased, faster metabolism
Enhanced physical strength
Reduced pressure on bones and joints
Better cardiovascular health
Improved circulation and resting blood pressure
Better blood sugar and cholesterol levels
Improved balance and coordination

Comprehensive aerobic workouts can even help your body to fight back against diseases that are regularly provoked through a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity, high cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes. What’s more, even if you suffer from certain medical conditions, you may still find that strength equipment hire and using weights regularly helps to improve your wellbeing, by reducing the impact of arthritis, depression, spinal cord injury, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and even Parkinson’s disease. Even individuals recovering from a stroke or cancer survivors can benefit when they hire strength equipment, by gentle weight lifting to help them strengthen their bodies.
Whether you’re new to fitness, or involved in competitive sports, Hire Fitness can give you solutions for exercise that help you to stay in great shape, without relying on the gym.

If you’d like to start building your strength and muscle today, contact us and discuss our strength equipment hire set. Our strength equipment for hire will be delivered to you and if you find yourself getting bored of your chosen equipment, you can always contact us and we’ll switch it for something else. Our staff are experienced with every piece of fitness equipment, and are ready to offer guidance and help to all customers who want to hire a strength equipment training set.

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From: £17.00 per week

Bench and Weights, perfect for beginners and professional athletes alike, featuring a sturdy, fully-adjustable bench and set of power blocks that allow users to choose from a weight range between 2.5kg and 40kg per hand for an intense, reliable workout. This set replaces the need for several pairs of dumbbells and the bench has been constructed to sustain regular use..

The selector pins are colour coded for easy identification and there is a choice of two handles for increased range.

This exact model is subject to availability in your region.  If not available, we will deliver a model of equivalent standard and functionality.

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