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CaviSculpt Home, a revolutionary new piece of equipment that uses innovative ultrasound fat removal technology to help you gain the silhouette of your dreams at home. .

This machine is easy to use, portable, and completely pain-free. Many people who use CaviSculpt experience some difference after the first try. This machine comes with a comprehensive manual which explains everything in detail, as well as a bottle of ultrasound transmission area which you can apply to the area to be treated
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12 Weeks £144.00 12_weeks
£26.00 £104.00 per week
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£26.00 per week + £40.00 delivery
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16 Weeks £140.00 16_weeks
£25.00 £100.00 per week
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£25.00 per week + £40.00 delivery
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20 Weeks £138.00 20_weeks
£24.50 £98.00 per week
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£24.50 per week + £40.00 delivery
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28 Weeks £136.00 28_weeks
£24.00 £96.00 per week
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£24.00 per week + £40.00 delivery
First 4 weeks hire: 0
Delivery & Collection Charge: 0
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You only initially pay for the first 4 weeks rent, and a deposit (if applicable) and a delivery charge (if applicable). Subsequent rent will be charged every 4 weeks to your credit card or debit card until you give us 7 days’ notice in writing, prior to agreed hire term expiring

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Our revolutionary CaviSculpt Home is the most powerful ultrasound cavitation fat removal machine for home use. It’s portable, ultra easy to use and is totally pain free in operation. When you move the treatment head over the area to be treated such as tummy, thighs, upper arms or buttocks, fatty tissue under the skin is gently forced into a liquid mass which is processed naturally by the body and expelled. You don’t feel a thing but will normally see the difference after just the first use. CaviSculpt complements a healthy and active lifestyle and helps you achieve the body you’ve always wanted with out any pain or downtime. Our CaviSculpt Home comes with a comprehensive manual which explains everything for you in detail. It also comes with a bottle of CaviSculpt ultrasound transmission gel to apply to the treatment area before use.

This machine cannot be used for commercial purposes.


Cavitation Frequency 40KHZ
Treatment Head Diameter 50mm
Cavitation Power 60 Watts – strongest allowed by law
Display 5.5 inch blue led
Pulse or Continuous Wave Both
Foot Pedal Control Yes
Emergency Stop Button Yes
Weight 6KG
Dimensions L292 x W292 x H328 mm


Due to increased demand in the current pandemic, if you order and pay for the first 4 weeks (including delivery/collection charge) we will contact you if your requested equipment is available in your area and we will arrange a suitable day and time to deliver and set up your equipment.  If the equipment you ordered is not currently available, we will NOT authorise your payment so you will not be charged and you will be put onto our waitlist.  When equipment comes back in we will contact you to see if you still wish to go ahead at which point payment will be taken.  If you don’t wish to proceed, we will simply take you off of our waitlist. 

We aim to deliver your equipment within 3 working days, although some rural areas or special deliveries up and down stairs and difficult access areas may take a little longer and may cost a little more. If that is the case we will call you and discuss options before delivery.


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