Deluxe Turbo Trainer


The Deluxe Turbo Trainer attaches to your regular road-bike to give you a premium experience of indoor cycling. Allowing the bike to move in the same way as it would outdoors, the Turbo Trainer forces the user to maintain the optimum cycling position, mimicking outdoor training from the comfort of your own home. .

The machine helps riders to build and maintain a robust core for outdoor cycling, and gives you the ideal opportunity to enhance your training even when the outdoor conditions are poor.

This exact model is subject to availability in your region.  If not available, we will deliver a model of equivalent standard and functionality.

Hire Period: (Please select)
Minimum hire period
Rental per week
Delivery charge
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12 Weeks £121.00 12_weeks
£19.00 £76.00 per week
12 Weeks Click to select hire period
£19.00 per week + £45.00 delivery
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16 Weeks £117.00 16_weeks
£18.00 £72.00 per week
16 Weeks Click to select hire period
£18.00 per week + £45.00 delivery
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20 Weeks £115.00 20_weeks
£17.50 £70.00 per week
20 Weeks Click to select hire period
£17.50 per week + £45.00 delivery
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28 Weeks £113.00 28_weeks
£17.00 £68.00 per week
28 Weeks Click to select hire period
£17.00 per week + £45.00 delivery
First 4 weeks hire: 0
Delivery & Collection Charge: 0
Grand total: 0

You only initially pay for the first 4 weeks rent, and a deposit (if applicable) and a delivery charge (if applicable). Subsequent rent will be charged every 4 weeks to your credit card or debit card until you give us 7 days’ notice in writing, prior to agreed hire term expiring


Our Deluxe Turbo Trainer is a genius piece of equipment that attaches to your road bike to give you the most amazing indoor cycle you’ve ever had! The Turbo Trainer allows the bike to move in the same way it does when you’re cycling outside and forces the rider to maintain the correct cycling position throughout the workout, thereby exactly mimicking outdoor cycle training. This fantastic piece of equipment works all the usual muscle groups including the all important core muscles. The experience helps the rider maintain a stable core as in outdoor cycling which means all the power is transferred to the lower body and through to the pedals. This is a truly unique experience which you can achieve in the comfort of your own living room. The weather can no longer be used as an excuse to cease training!

User Manual:  It is very important you read the user manual before using the fitness equipment.  For environmental reasons we no longer supply printed manuals but they are all accessible on our website if you click on this link:  manuals or feel free to email or call us if you have any queries on using the equipment or if you cannot find the appropriate user manual.

All our products are generic in nature, which means the images and description are typical of the sort of product you should expect to receive. But don’t worry, we guarantee our equipment will exceed your expectations or we’ll give you your money back.


Turntable riser ringYes, for the most natural ride feel
ResistanceProgressive resistance from 5 to 3000+ Watts
Power trainingCompatible with Kinetic in ride watt meter for power training
Resistance systemFits 22″ to 29″ wheels, up to 29 x 2.4″ tyre size
Easy to affixYes
PowerNot required – pedal power!
Natural feelYes, turntable riser ring for the most natural ride


When you have placed your order, we will call you to arrange delivery and installation at a convenient time for you.

We aim to deliver your equipment within 3 working days, although some rural areas or special deliveries up and down stairs and difficult access areas may take a little longer and may cost a little more. If that is the case we will call you and discuss options before delivery.


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