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Exercise bike hire is a fantastic solution for individuals who hope to improve or maintain their current fitness levels. When you hire an exercise bike, you gain access to a comprehensive solution for general fitness, as well as a unique opportunity for warming up your muscles, or cooling down following a competitive sport such as tennis, rugby, or football. Because it is a low-impact form of machinery, exercise bike hire also gives fitness fanatics the opportunity to access top of the range fitness equipment for safe, gentle workouts that place minimal stress on painful joints. Exercise bikes are particularly useful for individuals who regularly suffer from joint pain, or are moving towards a time in their life when they need low-impact motion. Unlike treadmills, when you hire an exercise bike, you don’t have to worry about the pounding rhythm on your joints and bones. Instead, you can focus entirely on getting the best results from your fitness regime at a time to suit you.

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    Deluxe Home Exercise Bike

    From: £13.00 per week

    Deluxe Home Exercise Bike, featuring everything you need for a low-impact workout capable of improving and maintaining your ideal fitness levels. Characteristics include a heart-rate monitor, body fat computer, body mass index indicator, and adjustable handlebars. The model includes a sophisticated on-board computer that has been programmed with over sixteen pre-set workouts, 2 of which are user-definable. The quality of the seat means that it is one of the most comfortable static bikes.

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  • Bike-1

    Deluxe Home Race Bike

    From: £14.00 per week

    Deluxe Home Race Bike, a fully adjustable and effective way for fitness enthusiasts to improve their endurance and cardio strength, when used regularly. The machine boasts a number of impressive features, allowing users to burn 400 calories in one 45-minute workout. Including numerous tension levels to simulate uphill and downhill cycling, as well as adjustable pedals for a more comfortable workout, the seat can be positioned at various points to ensure the highest quality exercise regime.

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    Deluxe Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

    From: £14.00 per week

    Deluxe Home Recumbent Exercise bike, a solid and reliable example of premium fitness equipment, brimming with features ideal for boosting your endurance capabilities and strengthening your leg muscles. This machine is a great choice for rehabilitation exercise due to the comfortable seating arrangement, and the in-built generator allows for a smooth workout experience, with sixteen levels of resistance to choose between. There is also a selection of 10 programs, including heart rate control.

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    Exercise Bike And Cross Trainer Combo Deal

    From: £25.00 per week

    Why not hire an exercise bike with a cross trainer and have a mini gym at home for you and all the family. The Deluxe Home Exercise Bike features a sophisticated onboard computer with heart rate monitor and a wealth of built in programmes and the Deluxe Home Elliptical Cross Trainer has built in body fat and body mass index monitors. This super money saving bundle can help you get fit in the comfort of your own home.

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  • real_1411031419481

    Deluxe Turbo Trainer

    From: £14.00 per week

    The Deluxe Turbo Trainer attaches to your regular road-bike to give you a premium experience of indoor cycling. Allowing the bike to move in the same way as it would outdoors, the Turbo Trainer forces the user to maintain the optimum cycling position, mimicking outdoor training from the comfort of your own home. The machine helps riders to build and maintain a robust core for outdoor cycling, and gives you the ideal opportunity to enhance your training even when the outdoor conditions are poor.

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    Treadmill and Exercise Bike Combo Deal

    From: £26.00 per week

    Why not hire a treadmill with an exercise bike and start a mini gym in the comfort of your own home, for the whole family to use. The Deluxe Home Treadmill features a cushioned deck to help protect your knees and it folds flat for storage. The Deluxe Home Exercise Bike comes with preset programmes and a heart rate monitor to help you track your performance. This amazing money saving bundle can help you and your family get fit together whatever the time or weather.

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    Treadmill, Exercise Bike and Concept 2 Combo Deal

    From: £40.00 per week

    We can install your very own gym at home, for 4 weeks or more at this amazing price! This Combo Deal includes a gym quality treadmill to save you having to run outside in the winter, an exercise bike which is perfect for a low impact workout and a world class Concept 2 rowing machine. Invite your friends and family to your gym and get fit together.

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