We all know that exercise is imperative to maintain our health. We have tailored efficient solutions for everyone. Whether you are new to fitness or have reached pro status, you should keep reading. For years, our company has been providing the best of fitness to anyone in the UK and beyond. The best news is that it’s affordable. Therefore, we are able to help you get proper exercise even when you don’t think you really have the time..

The fitness equipment that you see in gym facilities can find its place in your home, too. Our company stocks on an excellent range of ultra-modern, good-condition devices to meet all fitness needs. To make it a lot easier for you, we have set up a hire system. It means anyone can simply rent the machines from our range for as long as they see fit. There aren’t many limitations to this, really. The minimum hire period is of 4 weeks, enough to let one figure out if they want to keep a certain piece.

Besides hiring a treadmill, rower, exercise bike, cross trainer, vibration plates and other big pieces of equipment, you can hire accessories as well. These will make your regimen complete and a lot more efficient. It does not have to be intimidating, it actually becomes very simple once you get the right accessories into your fitness routine or paired with your standard devices. This is how it works: you choose the right equipment first, based on your goals and needs, then decide which accessory would help you enhance or control your workout.

The gear we provide is perfectly compatible with the machines you can hire from us. We have protective floor mats to ensure your exercising and the devices you use will not do any damage to your house flooring. Also, these will make it feel much more comfortable. With a protective floor mats, there will be no scratches or other marks on the floor surface. This is also excellent when you instal fitness machines in a rented space. Additionally, your equipment will not slip on a too polished surface and will not be noisy. The floor mats we provide are well padded.

To diversify your workout and never get bored, we have just the right gym ball. Here is what an exercise ball will help you with:

have better muscle tone overall,

rehabilitate your hips and back,

improve your core,

make you more flexible,

provide low-impact exercise,

improve cardiovascular health,

enhance posture.

If you experience back problems, the gym ball is great for you to use. Such exercise even supports your lower back. You will actually feel quick relief once you start using this accessory. Also, it will help greatly with working your core, which gives the body a better stability. The core muscles support all your body movements. These are also known as the midsection. The very important muscles here are deep ones, which you don’t see but which simply sustain your posture: the tultifidus, the transverse abdominus and the quadratus lumborum. These muscles are hard to reach through usual exercise techniques.

Another important aspect when exercising is the heart rate. Monitoring is not always necessary, but it helps greatly. You can monitor your heart rate with a heart rate strap to measure the effort you make and the level of your pulse. This is essential in determining whether you have a good exercise rhythm or not. Also, you should watch and not get past the superior limit. The monitoring strap will prompt you to stay within the target heart rate zone and have a most efficient workout. Runners, cyclists and anyone doing cardio workout will benefit of the measurements.

The heart rate strap will maximise training effects and lead to an improved performance. You will be able to monitor your running on the treadmill, your steps on the cross trainer, your spinning pace an an exercise bike and so on. It will show you when you are efficient and when you are not exercising correctly.

One doesn’t need to know much except the fact that normal heartbeat is set from 60 to 90 beats per minute and also know what their doctor has recommended to them. Too much heart effort can leave you exhausted, while too little will render the workout ineffective. For heart patients, as well as for competitive athletes. You will know when you re pushing yourself out of the danger zone.

It is beneficial to hire accessories for fitness because you will have a better picture of where you have be in terms of pace and effort like with the heart rate strap or help you reach muscles that were otherwise inaccessible. Please note that these items we offer are available only when you hire our fitness equipment.

Contact us to:

– pick the right fitness machine for you,
– pair it with the most suitable accessories,
– discuss about the length of time for which you wish to hire these,
– set up a date, time and location to deliver these and instal them,
– find out how to use your chosen equipment.

Eventually, we will take care of the maintenance as well and also be ready to swap your hired piece of equipment for another when you consider it’s time for a change. We do not oblige you to commit to a certain item for a number of months or anything like that. On the contrary, we offer a minimal hire duration of 4 weeks and the lowest prices you have sen in the industry. It is not worth buying fitness equipment when you can hire it. You will not like to find yourself stuck with something so expensive fitness is meant to be diverse and engaging, after all. This is what we help you achieve an entertaining, motivating and easy fitness routine that doesn’t ruin your budget.

  • Protective Floor Mats

    From: £2.00 per week


    Protective Floor Mats, padded to provide an excellent surface for workouts that keep you comfortable and protect your floors and polished surfaces from unnecessary scratches. .

    These mats can also reduce the amount of vibration or noise that may typically pass through your floor if you’re on an upper level of a house or building, for a more relaxing experience.

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