The Importance of Staying Fit for your Job

At Hire Fitness, we understand how important it is for everyone in the Emergency Services to be fit and healthy in order to withstand the physical and mental demands of the job they undertake day in, day out.  Such challenging environments require quick and strong responses which can only be achieved through hard work and commitment.  

Hire Fitness is proud to be the nationwide supplier and installer of gym equipment for our Emergency Service teams across the country.  We not only offer exceptional quality fitness equipment and accessories but we can also deliver flexible gym solutions to suit the needs of people who work in 24 hour shifts.

Our professional-level, commercial-grade fitness equipment allows station managers the opportunity to deliver top of the range fitness solutions to Emergency Services teams across the UK and Ireland.  We not only design, deliver and install high-grade equipment directly to your station, we can also give you access to personal trainers if required.  


What Fitness Equipment And Services Can You Hire, lease or buy

At Hire Fitness, we have an extensive range of quality, commercial fitness equipment available for day-to-day hire, all ready to meet your needs. Our equipment and VIP services include:


Fitness equipment to raise the heart beat is the core of any gym setting.  It includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines. 

Mats and Accessories

If you have the space, it’s always a good idea to provide a matted area to allow users to warm up and cool down before and after exercising and to incorporate stretching and floor exercises into their fitness session.  We have a fabulous range of matting and fitness accessories to choose from.

Strength and Endurance

For people working in the emergency services, strength and endurance is key.  A bench and free weights is a good idea for improving overall strength and endurance.  We also have a range of Power Blocks which look great in any gym facility.

Gym Instructors for your teams

We have a team of first-class Fitness Instructors across the UK and Ireland, ready to work with your teams on a one-to-one basis.


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