Matching Hotel Luxury with Health

At Hire Fitness, we not only offer exceptional-rate fitness equipment and accessories to customers within a range of different business and gym environments, but we can also deliver gym solutions to your hotel so that you can instantly upgrade the stay of your guests.

Our professional-level, commercial-grade fitness equipment gives you the opportunity to deliver top of the range fitness solutions to your VIP guests, giving them the luxury that they need for every stay. We not only deliver the high-grade equipment directly to your hotel door, but we also install it in the room of your choice.  

Every piece of fitness equipment that we deliver will arrive according to your chosen schedule. Our trained experts will set it up perfectly for you, and ensure that everything's working as it should be, before your clients even start working out. What's more, we'll remove all of the equipment from your building when you no longer need it - quickly, efficiently, and without disruption to your guests.

Treadmill in hotel room

How To Hire Fitness Concierge Services

We know that timing and attention-to-detail is critical when it comes to making the right impression on your most valuable guests. You want to make sure that your VIP guests can access the fitness solutions that they need instantly in your hotel, without having to look elsewhere.    

We can help to make sure that you always achieve glowing reviews from your 5-star guests by making certain your fitness equipment is ready and set up for you as soon as they need it. We'll also collect everything again the day after your VIP guest checks out, which means that you don't have to worry about fitness equipment cluttering up your space.

Over the years, we've provided fitness accessories and equipment to a range of A-list actors, and other VIPs, so we know exactly what we need to do to ensure that you make the right impression on your guests. No matter whether you simply need to supplement your existing on-site equipment, or you want to make sure that your VIP's have access to top, luxury grade fitness equipment in their rooms.  

What Fitness Equipment And Services Can You Hire For Your VIP Guests?

At Hire Fitness, we have an extensive range of quality fitness equipment available for day-to-day hire, all ready to meet your short-term needs. Our equipment and VIP services include:


Fitness equipment to raise the heart beat is the core of any gym setting.  It includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines. 

Mats and Accessories

If you have the space, it’s always a good idea to provide a matted area to allow users to warm up and cool down before and after exercising and to incorporate stretching and floor exercises into their fitness session.  We have a fabulous range of matting and fitness accessories to choose from.

Strength and Endurance

If your VIP is wishing to train for strength and endurance, a bench and free weights is a good addition.  We also have a range of Power Blocks.

Health and Safety Advice

We have years of experience with health and safety issues and can advise you on every aspect of safety in relation to fitness equipment in your rooms and suites.  There are strict guidelines to be adhered to such as insurance, first aid provisions and for longer term hires, the equipment should be regularly checked and serviced by us.




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