Vibration Plates

Our commercial number one vibration plate for hire have full sized plates and operate on the highest power levels. The sophisticated design incorporates blue led back lit consoles at standing height and additionally lower down so that feedback can still be viewed when doing sit-ups, squats etc. Our commercial vibration plates for hire come with a manual and an attractive A4 poster detailing suggested exercises plus attached arm and leg straps and handles for bicep and tricep curls. The vibration plates have large rubber feet with shock absorbers for minimising noise levels.

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    Premium Commercial Vibration Plate

    From: £54.00 per week

    Premium Commercial Vibration Plate, the most powerful vibration plate available on the market today. This fully commercial, top of the range vibration plate allows users to get the results they’re working for more quickly and efficiently than ever. Capable of burning calories, toning your body, increasing your bone density, and reducing the evidence of cellulite, the machine features two ease-of-use consoles, one for starting up, and one for floor exercises. The large rubber feet reduce noise

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