Strength Equipment

If your commercial gym setting is short on space, why not consider a set of Power Blocks – not only do they look great, they’re easier to use and quicker to adjust than conventional dumbbells and racks. Each weight is made of an extremely strong industrial composite and fit neatly inside each other for compact storage. Users simply select the weight they require then lift out the appropriate section. Our sturdy commercial benches are fully adjustable..

Health is the real wealth is not just a saying but a proven thing. Our hectic life schedule has made our life robotic and we have no time to care for our health and fitness. We hardly take out time to go on a morning and evening walk. This is really very important that we realize the importance of our fitness and care about before it is too late and we are surrounded by many diseases. Therefore, this is really very important to have at least 60 minutes a day to work-out on regular basis.

There are many who have realized the core benefits of regular exercise. The amazing thing is that now the commercial health clubs and gyms have taken up initiatives to spread over the awareness about being fit and healthy through regular workout. The ones who have realized the importance of regular workouts perform exercise as a routine job. There are several types of exercises that can be performed based on your physical strength. We all know that Cardio is the basic level of equipment workouts, now going ahead if you are willing to get those athletic and gymnastic figures you will be required to perform strength exercises. There are various strength equipments that can help you to perform those heavy workouts that will help you get the stronger muscles and athletic body shape. The strength exercises must be performed under the supervision of the instructor to avoid injuries.

Benefits of Strength Exercise

The strength exercises are performed to gain the effective results as far as being in shape is concerned. The strength exercise helps you to gain the muscles, and building muscles require calories which in turn will make you lose weight. The commercial strength equipments are the best source to help in building us muscles, abs, biceps, etc. while losing the weight. Some advantages of strength exercise are mentioned below:

1. Makes muscles and joints stronger
2. Brings more flexibility in your body
3. Helps in Body Building and getting you the perfect body shape
4. Makes you feel more energetic, refreshed and boosts your self confidence.
5. Helps you lose weight and increase the metabolism process.
6. Diminish the chances of getting high cholesterol problems, heart diseases, Blood Pressure and Cancer

Commercial Strength Equipment

Hire Fitness is a fitness services and products providing company of United Kingdom. The Hire Fitness Company is well known for quality products and high value customer services. They have a large range of commercial gym equipments available for hire and rent. The easy financing option, online ordering facility, on-call ordering option, 24/7 commercial exercise equipment support, and fastest delivery are the few specialties of Hire Fitness.

If you are setting up a health center, fitness club, or a gym this is very important that you hire high quality and durable commercial exercise equipments only. This may cost you bit higher but you can rest stress free as far as maintenance, durability, quality performance and safety are concerned. Mostly, we think that installing some cardiovascular commercial exercise equipments and commercial vibration plate will be sufficient to run the gym business however, if you really want to target the regular and long term customers for your health center or gym, you must hire commercial strength equipment.

If you will hire commercial strength equipment in your gym, this will attract some athletes and gymnastics to perform their regular workouts. Once, you are able to attract those great looking figures to your gym you can easily encourage the existing customers to perform regular exercise and also attract more new customers to perform workouts in your gym. The quality strength equipments will give you a high dimensional growth in your gym and fitness business for sure.

The most important to keep in mind while you hire commercial strength equipment is that you choose the best quality and check the durability considering the flow of customers you are expecting in your gym to perform strength exercise. The strength equipment users are mostly well in body built and it is required that the equipment are qualified enough to be used multiple time in a day.

Hire Fitness also offer the rental commercial equipment facility to the customers. Hence, if you cannot afford to hire commercial strength equipment, you can get them you rentals and make the rental fee payment while using the equipment at your gym.
So, call today and talk to Hire Fitness support team to hire commercial strength equipment.

Bench and Weights
From: £17.00 per week

Bench and Weights, perfect for beginners and professional athletes alike, featuring a sturdy, fully-adjustable bench and set of power blocks that allow users to choose from a weight range between 2.5kg and 40kg per hand for an intense, reliable workout. This set replaces the need for several pairs of dumbbells and the bench has been constructed to sustain regular use..

The selector pins are colour coded for easy identification and there is a choice of two handles for increased range.

This exact model is subject to availability in your region.  If not available, we will deliver a model of equivalent standard and functionality.

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