Film And Movie Hire

We have a range of green screen treadmills for use in filming and a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories for use as props for film shoots, television productions and stage shows. We understand that timing is critical for any production and deadlines are often short. We deliver to your film location the day before the shoot and collect the day after to suit you. Daily rates ensure you can budget accurately and we can even carry out a full risk assessment for you should you wish.

We can tailor equipment/prop packages to suit your specific requirements so give us a call us on 0800 97 88 555 and tell us what you need or click on the link below to view props for hire:





  • Green Screen Treadmill

    PLEASE CALL 0800 97 88 555 FOR PRICING

    Green Screen Treadmill, specially adapted for use in Chroma Key compositing where the upper portion of the treadmill shouldn’t be visible. These specialist pieces of equipment are available for hire for use on commercials, television and film sets, as well as photo shoots. Our exclusive green screen treadmills come with the additional advantage of a detached console for remote controlling outside of your camera

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