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Our range of sturdy aluminium commercial exercise bikes are some of the most advanced on the market today. They all have top of the range computers with user defined programmes including heart rate control, body fat monitor and body mass index along with the latest automatic silent computerised magnetic resistance system..

Our commercial exercise bikes are high end commercial exercise bikes fitted with comfortable, top quality multi adjustable seats and dual action handle bars. They all boast a heavy duty aluminium frame with aluminium upright beams and some of the most sophisticated computers available on the market today. The solid build quality of our commercial exercise bikes makes these machines suitable for all levels of users. Each machine is able to sustain continued use and with a sleek design will guarantee a top class and contemporary look in any gym setting.We all know the benefits of regular exercise and understand the importance of gym in todays hectic life. We cant be so busy that we have no time for ourselves. Regular exercise is not only required to reduce fat or gain fat which is mostly regarded as, but the regular exercise is essential to stay fit and healthy. Health is the real wealth we all know and regular exercise will keep your body in perfect shape and your mind in the perfect state.

Why cycling on Exercise Bike is so important?

There are many types of exercises that can be performed at home or gym with the help of the home or commercial gym equipments. Cycling is one such very important cardio exercise performed with the help of gym equipment known as exercise bike. Cycling is one such exercise that is very good to get the desired physical shape especially at the lower body sections. This is an exercise that can be performed by any age, weight or any fitness level. Cycling is good for leg muscles and improves the strength of your legs. This has been observed that during the recovery period after Joint injuries the doctors suggest having mild cycling exercise with the help of the exercise bikes. Athletes and sports persons use the exercise bikes as their warm-up exercise routine.
The cooling winter has put our body in a hibernation mode and this is becoming the reason of our low resistance power and falling ill. This is the high time that we start taking our health seriously and adopt the regular exercise as our daily routine job. Cycling is the best exercise option for those who has the problems related to knees, ankles and legs unlike jogging and running. There are many who face the joint pain for them to hire commercial exercise bike is the best option to stay fit without giving stress on the knee joints. Exercise bikes are also great for physical restoration which will get you your desired shape without putting stress at any of your body parts.

The additional benefit associated to hire exercise bike is that it is the effective cardiovascular exercise equipment. Regular workout with the exercise bikes will keep the risks of heart attack and hearth diseases at abeyance. A 30 minutes workout daily on exercise bikes will not only improve the blood circulation but also strengthen your heart.
Cycling through exercise bike helps in burning the calories and reducing the excess fat as well. Cycling through the exercise bike helps in getting the reserved fat burned this way you will notice the weight loss. However, like any other cardio exercise controlling the diet is also important to see the noticeable results of exercise.
If you are interested to maintain your general fitness you must hire commercial exercise bike from Hire Fitness.

Options to hire or rent commercial exercise bikes

Whether, you are installing the cardio gym equipment section at Hotel and resorts, Schools, Corporate Office, Gym, Health Centers, Sports Clubs, Police and Fire Department, Hospitals or medical centers, Hire Fitness is one of the well known name in the fitness equipment services rendering company in UK. If, you are planning to set a cardio exercise section, you should hire commercial exercise bike from Hire Fitness. Hire Fitness is popular for their fast delivery, easy payment options and quality equipments. If you want to hire commercial exercise bike for commercial purpose there are wide ranges of options available with Hire Fitness. The amazing thing about Hire Fitness is that you can rent commercial exercise bike and make the payments in installments. If you are going to rent or hire commercial exercise bike make sure that durability and quality of the product is a crucial and important aspect you must always keep in mind.

Whether you hire or rent commercial exercise bike, it is very important to keep in mind following aspects before installing them:

1. You should manage the space according to the flow of users that you are expecting.
2. Plan the electrical requirement in advance according to the space you are deciding to install the commercial exercise bike.
3. Make sure that you have windows or views available which can make the users see outside.

Even after the installation of the commercial exercise bike, make you have gone through all the safety and operating instructions carefully.
So just hire or rent commercial exercise bike from Hire Fitness and complete the Cardio Exercise.

Fast Deliver. Ease-To-Use, Free Deliver and Large Range of commercial gym equipment are the features of Hire Fitness.

  • Premium Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

    Premium Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike, brimming with luxurious features to enhance your workout, including a super comfortable reclined position, 16 levels of resistance, and sophisticated on-board computer with 10 pre-installed programmes and user definable options, alongside heart rate control selections. .

    This recumbent bike also includes a built-in generator, and the reclined position allows a client’s body weight to be carefully distributed over a larger surface area for better posture
  • Premium Commercial Upright Exercise Bike

    Premium Commercial Upright Exercise Bike, includes a built-in generator, reducing the need for dangerous and unsightly power cables, 16 levels of resistance and adjustability to create the perfect workout for any user. .

    The sophisticated on-board computer supports 10 programmes, alongside user-definable options and heart-rate control. A luxurious and comfortable piece of equipment, the bike features an adjustable gel seat for a premium exercise experience in any commercial facility.
  • Deluxe Commercial Race Bike

    Deluxe Commercial Race Bike, ideal for sustained use in a commercial setting, features manually adjustable intensity, adjustable handlebars and pedals for a more comfortable workout, and a built-in shock absorber system. This sturdy piece of equipment has been designed for regular use, and is capable of improving a user’s strength and endurance when used regularly.

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