Elliptical Cross Trainers

Our range of heavy duty steel framed commercial elliptical cross-trainers are built to the highest specifications. All our commercial cross trainers have built in computers with multiple programmes including heart rate control and body fat monitor plus user definable programmes. .

The range includes sophisticated features such as the latest silent computer controlled resistance system, variable stride adjustment up to 20 inches, sophisticated blue backlit computer displays, heart rate monitors, user defined programmes and fitness tests to allow you to chart your progress with confidence.

Our commercial elliptical cross trainers are designed to look sleek and contemporary and will enhance the look of any commercial gym setting.

We all know the high end and long term benefits of regular workouts and exercise. Most of us have the notion that exercise is only required for the people who are fat or want to lose weight. However, the fact is that exercise is not only for the people who are fat but for all who wants to live healthy life and stay fit. The researches have proven that daily 60 minutes of exercise not only keep you healthy but also makes you feel refreshed all day along.

If you are going to start up your own business of Gym, Medical Center, Fitness club or willing to install the commercial exercise equipment, there is no better option available than Hire Fitness. If you are planning to hire an equipment that can give you the benefits of Treadmills and bikes both there is no better alternative in the market than commercial cross trainers. The solid and heavy quality commercial cross trainer will promise the long term durability and high performance. When you hire or rent commercial cross trainer, make sure that it should be made of heavy metal and can stand again the heavy weight users. The commercial cross trainers are required to be better in quality because of the high pressure of work performance that is expected from the commercial exercise equipments.

Why Commercial Cross Train is a Right Choice?

Exercising with cross trainer is regarded very effective because of its two way action which will make your upper body portion also moving on along with lower body while you are exercising. There are various types of latest trend commercial cross trainers available in the market with various choices such as you can hire commercial cross trainer which is front driven or rear driven. Which one you are willing to install in your premises is all up to you and the crowd you wish to attract.

To hire or rent commercial cross trainer is a right choice for your gym, sports club, and health center because of the additional and more effective benefits which this equipment has some of such benefits of commercial cross Trainers are mentioned below:

1. There are the less chances of getting joint pain and any injury while working out with cross trainers.
2. No injury and less stress on the body muscles will let you do additional workout and this way you can achieve your daily target of exercise easily.
3. Cross Trainer is the best exercise equipment for the senior aged users and pregnant women because of the swiftness that it provides.
4. For complete full body exercise Cross trainers are always preferred over any other cardio exercise equipments.
5. It is an effective way to lose weight and keep us healthy.

If you are just setting up the gym, health club or workout station for the first time make sure you keep in mind following tips that will help you get the complete advantage of your facility and equipment resources:

1. Proper utilization of the space is very important, if the users while working out face the outside view through window it will make them feel less stressful.
2. Plan your electrical requirements and the plug-ins well in advance depending on the commercial gym equipment and its installation planning that you have in mind.
3. Make sure before using any commercial gym equipment it is very essential to have a warm-up session of exercise.
4. Before getting anyone to workout with the cross trainer, make sure that he/she is well hydrate this will prevent you from injury or any cramps.
5. Planning the budget is really good, and going with it, is better however, if you are purchasing the commercial equipment with keeping in mind just cost it is not correct.

Quality of the commercial cross trainer must be the prime thing in mind while you hire or rent commercial cross trainer.

Why only Hire Fitness for Commercial Cross Trainer Hire/Rent?

Anyone who is taking new initiative and starting the gym, health club or fitness center will prefer to hire the good quality and durable commercial exercise equipments only. Hire Fitness is providing the fitness solution since many years. Hire Fitness carry the experience of delivering the quality equipments only. The quality of products has made hire fitness the most popular and biggest fitness equipment hire company in market.

The additional support, free installation, 24/7 support call facility, online shopping, money back guarantee and fastest delivery are few of the value added services that Hire Fitness offers to the customers.

  • Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

    This Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer has 25 levels of resistance, all natural but powerful motions of the upper body can be matched and adjusted. The watt modes provide the innovative and exciting exercise, different speed with different resistance, to maximize the training effect while protecting joints from damage. Silent movement, quiet and effective workout, SHUA SH-B5101E is the optimal choice.


  • Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

     SH-B9100ET elliptical features with durability, unique motions, intuitive screen, offering an exciting and effective exercise experience. With a sleek and elegant visual appeal, it is much more attractive to exerciser who are looking for a cardio option of all fitness levels with a low-impact, total-body workout.


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