News from Hire Fitness Yorkshire

Paul Healey

Well I’m afraid that we don’t hire boats or canoes or any other floating device, although we sincerely wish we did so we could help everyone who’s having a tough time right now with the flooding across the UK.  We wish you all well.

However, we DO hire some fabulous static rowing machines of all grades and for all occasions.  Why not try our amazing Concept 2 rower which is a world class machine suitable for all levels from beginners right up to competing athletes.  Give it a go, we think you’ll love it.  And what’s even better is that we’ve just introduced zero deposits on all home hire fitness equipment so you can get yours home in the next few days for even less.  Just give us a call on 0800 97 88 555

We’ve been very busy lately in Hire Fitness, Yorkshire, working on lots of quotes for local schools.  We’re pleased to announce that one of the schools confirmed their order with us today.

Give us a call to find out about our new cardio and strength range of equipment which is truly top of the range fitness equipment which we will deliver and maintain especially for you.  For example, our combo chest/shoulder press is a fabulous piece of kit.  Press your limits – surprass your goals.  Now you can safely and efficiently build your chest and arms with our Multi Press.  Factory assembled connections on the weight and station frame provide extra stability along with durability that extends the life of the station.  From flat bench to shoulder press, the Multi Press offers a biomechanically designed solution if you’re seeking maximum chest extention and outstanding muscle development.


Best wishes

Hire Fitness, Yorkshire Team