Miles or Kilometres

Does it really matter?  I often come across people that are rather precious about this – miles or kilometres?  Not me.  I’d rather use kilometres only because they show more numbers on my treadmill console and it makes me feel like I’ve run further – haha.

Anyhow, this blog is about the mileage we should do per week (or should aim to do) as exercising on a treadmill is such a great all over body workout.  I came across a client the other day, big Andy, who does an average of 13 miles/week throughout the week.  At 52 years of age, this is great.  The Deluxe Home Treadmill he is hiring from us does the job, check it out.

Andy started his running 1 year ago when he wanted to join a group of Saturday running guys from his neighbourhood.  He tried but clearly could not keep up with them so he called us for help.  He decided to hire a treadmill to gently get back in shape before joining the running club. Today he is the leader of the running club and he feels great.

As a direct result of this action, Andy has lost 3 stone and at 52 he is looking forward to his next holiday as he has no more fear of wearing swimming shorts by the pool!

His life has changed and he cannot believe the many advantages that have come out of simply hiring a running machine.  Initially he put the treadmill in the garage but quickly realised if he moved it into the house, he could watch television whilst working out.  This helped take his mind off the pain and helped maintain his motivation to continue pushing and challenging himself.

He later decided it should go back into the garage when he decided to upgrade to a full commercial treadmill.  He now has a mini-gym in his garage, with a matted area next to his treadmill for which he bought some light weights from us, resistance bands and a bossy ball to complement his treadmill workout. We spent some time initially with him setting up a routine which he is now following and evolving from.

Great stuff – amazing progress Andy well done.