Exercise that is easy on your joints


There are a number of reasons why someone might choose to seek out low-impact exercises when they’re trying to get into shape. If you have recently suffered an injury, or experience difficulties caused by arthritis or any other joint issues, you may find that finding the right fitness regime is something of a challenge. Even if your joints are perfectly healthy, it’s important to give your body a break from the excessive violence of high-intensity running, and other workouts.

Fortunately, just because you want to reduce the amount of stress that your joints have to deal with, doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve an incredibly effective workout. From using a stationary bike, to walking more often, and even hiring a cross trainer for 4 weeks or longer, there are plenty of available solutions out there for you.

  1. Walking  

People often forget that walking can be a type of exercise – just like running. Walking is the stress-free way to make sure that you’re moving regularly, and the more you walk, the more you can do for your body. Change up your routine and add some weighted wrist and ankle straps for an increased heart-rate, or hit the hills for a change in terrain.

  1. Use a Rowing Machine

This one can be a little tougher depending on which joints you struggle with, so if you’re not sure, speak to your doctor before you get started. Using a rowing machine can really add some heat to your cardio, offering a fun and intense way to work out your legs, arms, back, and core in one go.

  1. Exercise Bikes

It may seem simpler to just get a regular bike and head out on the road close to your home, but the truth is that a fluctuation in the weather, (even a small one) can be enough to convince you to ignore your exercise routine for the day. But if you hire an exercise bike instead, you’ll have that equipment in your own home come rain or shine. Exercise bikes are a great way to have fun with your fitness regime, and you might find that thirty minutes a day pedalling will have a huge impact on your physical health.

  1. Swimming

Avoid the temptation to simply float around in your local pool and push yourself towards doing some real, calorie-burning laps. Swimming is a fantastic low-impact sport with a great selection of benefits for the body, whether you’re enhancing lung function, or simply strengthening your back, arms, and shoulders. If you want to take the water sport a little further, you could always take part in water aerobics classes or what about some wild swimming…

  1. Using a Cross Trainer

The treadmill may be one of the most popular pieces of equipment at the gym, but the cross-trainer really wins the day when it comes to reducing the stress on your legs, and giving low-impact exercise to your joints. Cross trainer hire even means that you can get up on a morning and jump straight into your routine, improving your cardio health and losing those unwanted pounds as an added bonus.