Is Ice Skating Good Exercise

Is Ice Skating Good Exercise

This is what Hire Fitness West London got up to this weekend, and don’t we know it – or should I say don’t I know it.  I think I was the only one who fell over 4 times – trying to stop.  Everyone else flew around that rink at a rate of knots and didn’t fall over once.  I think I’ve realised that balance isn’t really my strong point and perhaps I should stick to squash and our fitness equipment – it’s probably safer that way.



So, how do you stop?  Well, I’ve done some research (better late than never) and it seems there are several ways you can come to a halt when ice skating.  The first and most obvious of course is to plough into everyone and go crashing into the side wall.  That usually does it.  A more elegant approach is apparently to bend your knees and turn your heels outwards or alternatively turn one leg inwards, slightly bend your ankle so that the skate literally skims over the ice and you slow down.  (I’ll try that next time.)


So Is ice skating a good form of exercise

Yes, ice skating is a very good form of low impact exercise and it’s a fun thing to do (when you don’t fall over too much) so you barely realise you’re exercising.  The action of ice skating is said to burn around as many calories as running for the same period of time and it’s a good aerobic exercise which aids weight loss.

If you skate regularly, you’ll also begin to build muscle which in turn increases your metabolic rate which in turn helps you to lose weight.  The muscles utilised during skating are of course your bottom and leg muscles, particularly your hamstrings and quads but additionally your abdominal and back muscles are used to help you maintain your balance (though not in my case).

What should you wear ice skating

The best thing to do when you go ice skating is to wear layers.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be cold because as soon as you start skating, your heart rate will increase and your body will begin to warm up; so layers are best.  Also, most people think you should wear ultra-thick socks or double up by wearing two pairs – there’s no need.  In fact, most people should choose skates up to one size smaller than their normal shoe size as the skates should fit snuggly for support, therefore a normal pair of socks will do just fine.  When you do the laces up, be careful not to pull them too tight as you’ll feel uncomfortable after a while.  The best way to tie the laces on ice skates is to keep them loose’ish around the foot area, tight around the ankle area to give support to your ankles and then looser again up around the shin area.

Nicky Terrett

Hire Fitness, West London