How MOTO Helped the Heroes


Ever thought about a fitness challenge for Help for Heroes?  MOTO did just that and have been raising money for Help for Heroes by cycling as far as they can in each of their motorway service station sites across the UK, on static exercise bikes! Each site that took part, recorded their km’s cycled and they’ll be announcing the winner shortly.

Hire an exercise bike and you too can have a great time, get fit and raise money for Help for Heroes.  A lot of fun was had over two weekends at MOTO service stations in the UK and a lot of money will have been raised from members of the public generously donating for the cause.  There were a lot of sore legs around the country but it was all worth it in the end.  A number of celebrities took part too, you can see everything on Twitter under the hashtag #heroride and the photos looks fantastic.

Well done MOTO for a brilliant initiative and we look forward to supplying you with all those bikes again next year…or maybe it’s treadmills next time?