How Many Sleeps Until Christmas

Hi all. You may be asking, how many sleeps until Christmas?

Christmas is coming! Yipeeeeeeee – only 15 more sleeps…….

I even saw Father Christmas at the local garden centre. Father Christmas arrived at Wentworth; it’s a tradition that he arrives by pony and trap with a very jolly Mrs Christmas, from the local church to crowds of excited little ones, and a few big ones (K and I did our fair share of cheering!).to all : Just email me to seek ideas for MY Christmas presents.. J

Joking apart, for all of you guys out there really struggling to find THE perfect Christmas present for your better half…WE HAVE the answer ! Treat your husband or wife to a 12 week hire of any fitness equipment of his/her choice…that way they won’t have to go out for a run in the bitterly cold wintry evenings – Hire Fitness has it all – go to for further details and ways to contact us.
I have been treating my good lady with a free voucher for a treadmill hire every year since I started at Hire Fitness…somehow I get the feeling that she is maybe expecting something else this year!!

Hire Fitness brings help to sister company Loca Fitness in France Mid November , the hire fitness van was parked right outside the “stade de France” in Saint Denis in North Paris to deliver 8 excel bikes for a corporate event. Exciting times and really good feedback from the clients. The Hire Fitness concept is spreading into Europe ….

As the temperature outside drops & the sniffles start, here is a quick recipe to keep the bugs at bay:

Ginger & Lemon Sore throat decoction

115g (4oz) pieces of fresh root ginger
500ml water
Zest & juice of 1 lemon
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Slice the ginger, put it in a sauce pan with water, lemon zest & cayenne pepper. Cover the pan & simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat & add lemon juice. Drink warm. It will last 2/3 days!!…. hope it helps.

I know its not the time to be thinking of bikini bodies…… as you ask yourself how many sleeps until Christmas and you pop that last mince pie in your mouth and/or the 6th chocolate (it doesn’t count as it’s little!!). Don’t fret!! If you pre book your fitness equipment hire or Ultim8 beauty Cavitation treatment for January, you can eat as much as you like without the guilt as it will all be gone before the summer!!


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That’s all for now folks.

Hire Fitness, Yorkshire