Hire Fitness Install Staff Gym for Hays

Hire Fitness Surrey & SW London has just completed its latest corporate gym installation for Hays Recruitment. 

Hays Recruitment employ over 7,840 people worldwide, working out of over 239 offices in 33 countries; Hays work with job seekers and employers to place the right people in the right jobs and serve over 20 specialism’s, covering everything from accountancy and finance to construction, IT, education and healthcare.

The New Malden offices currently employs over 400 specialist staff and have recently moved to a much larger and more modern building just a few hundred metres away from their old offices.

Hays first approached Hire Fitness Surrey after seeing our www.hirefitness.co.uk website late last year and asked us to provide them with a hire quote to supply enough equipment to fill a large purpose built area and for approximately 100 members of staff.

Hays approached Hire Fitness because of our unique position within the fitness equipment supply business as we are able to lease equipment as well as provide fitness equipment for hire.

As part of the quoting process the Hays team were invited to the Ultim8 Fitness showroom in Slough to allow them to try out our equipment and to get a better idea of what we could provide for them as part of our service including gym layout and design.

Using our experience and knowledge of the fitness industry we were able to provide a gym design that would suit their budget and needs, which included the provision of aesthetically pleasing and functional equipment and enough of it for both the male and female employees.

The final layout included a warm up and stretch area which also incorporates a Vibration Plate for enhanced stretching and deep tissue massage, a cardio zone with exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers, treadmills and concept2 rowing machines, a matted Olympic weights area plus a core zone with a large matted area incorporating the latest functional fitness accessories and multifunctional pulley machines.

This final design was approved and an agreed installation date was made.  The overall installation was carried out over 3 days and the gym was signed off and ready for use.

As part of Hire Fitness’s service we were able to provide onsite inductions for over 100 staff which included health and safety guidelines for using a gym plus instructions of how to use each piece of equipment and get the most out of each machine.  Also as an added bonus we were able to provide additional master classes for any staff members who were interested in improving flexibility, core strength and cardiovascular fitness and generally be on hand for any questions the staff might have.

The project has been a huge success and we look forward to working with Hays over the coming years to keep all their staff fit, healthy, happy and ultimately productive.