Health & Wellbeing At Work Conference

Health is a complicated thing to fully understand and appreciate. Most people do not realize that they have been neglecting their own well-being until they have already begun to suffer. Furthermore, some employers wait until their staff is suffering illnesses before they start to realize how costly a lack of good health in the workplace can be. The evidence of correlation between health and work productivity is astonishing, with research showing billions of pounds lost to the UK economy every year, as a result of staff sickness. Fortunately, however, in the midst of its ninth year of outstanding success, the Health and Wellbeing at Work exposition is returning to assist with improving quality of life for work-aged individuals.

About the Expo  

Taking place on Tuesday the third of March, between 8:45am and 4:30pm, and Wednesday the fourth of March at 8:45am to 4:00pm, this exhibition and conference will provide you with the inspiration and resources you need to engage your employees in healthy behaviour. The workshops assist with ensuring that your employees are motivated, engaged, and resilient, staying in work as much as possible. They also look at ways that you can design and provide programmes to promote diversity and equality among workers, as well as boosting organisational and individual performance. By profiling the latest innovations in service, discovering the best examples of high-quality practice, and providing you with information on the most recent policies, this expo offers you the platform you need for energy and inspiration.

The Health and Wellbeing at Work conference was designed to support organisations and companies that want to improve the way that they support their staff members, enhancing their reputation and their levels of achievement. It’s important to remember that the environment of a workplace can have a significant impact on the health of an employee, and organisations should always make safeguarding the wellbeing and health of their staff a top priority.

Reasons to Attend

Attending this health and wellbeing conference gives organisations the chance to learn more about their own business by listening to success stories that emerge out of the public and private sectors. At the same time, the various different workshops will allow individuals to update their skills, generate new ideas, and be inspired to motivate their workers further than ever before. Hire Fitness will be attending and we’ll be supporting our own stand, where we’ll be exhibiting some of our very latest exercise equipment that you can rent for home use or buy/lease for your office.

A great thing about conferences is that they give business individuals the opportunity to network with colleagues and potentially helpful associates from large, medium, and even small organisations that could be crucial to the future of their success. Furthermore, you do not need to attend any programmes that you do not feel will be beneficial to your business, company or organization. With so many different conference programmes to choose from, you can organize your own schedule according to what you believe will be most advantageous to you.

The Programs to Consider:

Just some of the useful programs being offered at this year’s conference include:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Employee benefits and pensions
  • Employment law
  • Worker health protection and environment
  • Mental health
  • Occupational psychology & organisational behaviour.
  • Fitness and health promotion
  • Stress management and emotional wellbeing
  • Employee and Assistance counselling

Many find that the Health and Wellbeing at Work conference provides significant value as an opportunity to network with other professionals and learn more about the industry. There are always useful lectures, fantastic workshops, and helpful case studies to help move any organisation forward.