Gary Barlow Hires a Treadmill

Gary Barlow Hires a Treadmill to prepare for his event at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast


Hire Fitness in Northern Ireland recently received an urgent message from a local entertainment promoter.  As it turned out it was a request for a treadmill to be delivered to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast to be used by Gary Barlow.  Apparently his tour treadmill had broken down – now here is a man dedicated to his regular exercise routine!

Anyway Hire Fitness duly delivered and the show went ahead with a de-stressed and warmed up Gary Barlow and he of course entertained a thrilled sell out audience as ever.

Treadmills are the most popular piece of equipment to hire and you can understand why.   Treadmills are one of the best forms of aerobic exercise for a wide variety of sports and events such as soccer, rugby, cricket, Gaelic football, marathons & tennis, mainly because these are high impact sports.  High Impact means that you are putting your joints under pressure by either running on hard surfaces or stopping, starting and turning at speed.   Participating in High Impact sports for a prolonged period of time can cause problems in later life with your joints if you do not prepare your body, muscles and joints properly for the event.  For this reason it is important to warm up and cool down correctly and have proper rest to allow the joints to recover.  It is also very important to train the muscles that help support your joints so they are conditioned to take away the strain from your joints and if you hire a treadmill it works these muscles but in a controlled environment on a flat and cushioned surface.

As we now enter the spring months many of the treadmills hired out to runners who simply can’t get out running regularly due to weather conditions and short evenings are starting to come back in again.  This is the time of year they start going out again to a different group of users – generally those focussed on getting trim for their summer beach holidays.  So if you’re beginning to cast your thoughts to the summer, why not get a few months of exercise in, give your local Hire Fitness office a call and we will try our best to give you a deal that suits your exercise needs and budget.