Diary of a Taekwon-Do Champ 3

Here’s the next in our range of ‘Hire Fitness sponsors Taekwon-Do Champ’ where we follow Damian Smith in the run up to the European Taekwon-do championships in Minsk, Belarus later this month:

Sunday 16th March:

79.6kg (target 79.5kg) …………so I’m marginally overweight but put that down to no training for a few days.  Note to self:  will make up for it this week.

Yikes – only 3 weeks to go now until the championships in Minsk.

3 hours England squad training:  After 3 days of rest I felt really good today.  I felt quick and fit.  Feel like I should work on kicking drills when sparring this week – along with some patterns.

Monday 17th March

30 mins HIIT session (muscle endurance based) and stretch

Tuesday 18th March

Rest day – just a gentle stretch.

Wednesday 19th March

12 miles on mountain bike – climbed 1440 feet.

1 hrs good stretch in the evening

Thursday 20th March

1 hr good stretch

Friday 21st March

1.5 hrs patterns, 20 mins bag work (punch bag) and 15 mins stretch

Saturday 22nd

English TKD Championships (warm up tournament).  I secured 2 Bronze medals – one in patterns and one in sparring.  I lost out to a fellow England team member; it was a closely fought fight and I personally thought I’d won – but hey ho.  The decision doesn’t always go your way.  Got a kick in the back in the process – not very happy to be honest – may need to rest for a couple of days now to regain my emotional strength.

More to follow next week.