Diary of a Taekwon-Do Champ 2

Damian Smith – Training Diary:  European Championships 2014


Here’s another in our range of Hire Fitness sponsors Taekwon-Do Champ where we follow Damian Smith in the run up to the European Taekwon-do championships in Minsk, Belarus next month:

“I literally cannot believe that there is now only 4 weeks to go before the 2014 European Taekwon-do Championships.  It seems like ages ago when I first started planning and training for this and before I know it, I’ll be in Minsk with all the other contenders.  I know I still have a little way to go and most importantly I must work on patterns and flexibility.  I’ve been training hard to prepare for the championships and this is what my training diary looked like for last week:

Sunday 9th March:  

79.8kg (so nearly there – target is 80.0kg)

6 miles on mountain bike (cut short by a broken derailleur – not happy – had to walk back!  Should have used a static exercise bike instead!)

40 mins HIIT session

1 hour stretch

Monday 10th March:  

30 mins patterns

45 mins HIIT session (plyometric based) and 15 mins of weight training for my upper body.


Tuesday 11th March:

Rest day – boy I needed that!

Had a coloured belt grading at the Taekwon-do school I run – so only enough time for a quick stretch afterwards.

Wednesday 12th March:

12.9 miles on mountain bike.  (Climbed 1534 ft – good ride!)

Thursday 13th March:

1 hour of stretch but I had a painful toe so couldn’t do too much.  Not happy about having to curtail my training because of a toe!

Friday 14th March:

Gentle stretch but still restricted by my painful toe.  I think it’s just an ingrowing toenail – never had it before and it’s weirdly, really very painful.  Went to the Doctors and got some antibiotics 🙁

Saturday 15th March:

Patterns theory.

I’m sure you’ll no doubt all be pleased to hear that my toe is definitely a bit better today, so decided to rest it in preparation for a good session tomorrow. Sorry if this is too gruesome, but I ended up cutting the nail off and it’s feeling a lot better now!  Normal training resumes  🙂  ”


Paul Healey