Chilly Greetings From Hire Fitness Yorks

Well…the 1st frost here in Yorkshire must have woken up some clients as we saw decent orders on treadmills for home hire! Also a few orders for full home gyms – good to hear there are lots of you out there wanting to exercise. Well done.

Did you all have a great scary one? Mine was really scary as I spent most of the day with Paul our Founder/Director….trust me he is really scary….. ok Paul take off the mask now, it’s over. Now then if you have been pigging out (like me?) on treats, the pics above will show you some great ways to burn calories and of course for all your fitness equipment needs give us a call or drop us an email.

Christmas specials!
We’ll soon be publishing Christmas special deals and vouchers on our website. Give us a ring if you want an early heads up. Hiring or buying a piece of gym quality fitness equipment is a great present idea for Christmas, saving you hours of search…..

Start planning your ‘new year new you’ plan
Let’s face it guys, we all struggle to stick to our ‘get fit ‘ plan every January. Yes those New Year resolutions can be challenging to keep. So… why not put a fitness plan in place now and evaluate it around December time to see if your targets/wishes remain the same etc. If you’d like any help with a fitness programme we’d be happy to help, so give us a call.

Olympic torch
Watching the news this morning I see that the Russians have sent the torch….IN SPACE!!!!! OMG …but had to put it out obviously for safety reasons. This is a real first for the torch to go that far! Good luck to Rio in 2016 to top that!

Are you doing it ? Please sponsor anyone you know who is doing it, it’s a great cause. And for you ladies …there is always Fanuary…you may need to start it now tho….if you’re not sure what that is, we’ll leave you to Google that one!!

So listening to BBC Radio 2 yesterday morning and that financial chap Robert Peston , the financial guru , the British economy is the strongest and fastest growing …IN THE WORLD at the moment ?? Sure he has heard of Qatar maybe?

Oh well. Such good feedback can’t be bad and will most likely reflect on some good stuff for all UK businesses. Lets wait and see if 2014 brings a stronger economy and healthier businesses! There are plenty of opportunities out there if you look hard enough!

That’s it for now – look out for our next blog from Yorkshire soon……

Franck and Kate Houssaye

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