Childhood Obesity, is it an Emergency

Numerous studies into the physical and mental health of children have discovered that children, who are physically fit, tend to achieve better results academically than those who are less active. As little as thirty minutes of focused exercise a day could be enough to turn your B-grade student into an A-Star. Similar research has also established that regular exercise can equip younger individuals with the mechanisms they need to cope with stress, increase their confidence, and lower levels of anxiety.

However, despite all of this positive exploration, obesity remains to be a significant problem within the UK. In fact, statistics show that the United Kingdom has the highest rate of childhood obesity throughout Western Europe, leading to NHS costs of approximately £4.2 billion every year.

Are School Gyms the Answer?

Installing high-quality fitness equipment into your school removes the need for children to seek out extra-curricular forms of exercise. Although children at school are capable of getting exercise in a wide range of different ways, from running in the playground to getting to school in the first place; hosting structured sessions in a gym environment during the school day will not only improve their fitness – but promote a life-long respect for well-being and fitness.

Perhaps the best way to encourage children into a lifestyle that embraces exercise is to make it a part of their natural daily routine. With a range of high-quality fitness equipment, the concept of achieving better health can become a common and even fun prospect for young students.

Remember, each piece of equipment comes with its specific purpose and benefits, and for complete versatility, it’s important to consider introducing a mixture of cardio, strength and endurance technology, as well as mats and accessories for improved safety measures.