How to Prepare for a Cycle Challenge

In the recent years, cycling has experienced some resurgence in popularity, although it would be incorrect to consider that it ever completely disappeared in the first place. However, an increased focus on environmental care and the increasing desire many have felt to improve their physical health and fitness has prompted greater participation in cycling. Pedal power isn’t only a great way of getting around though, many avid cyclists enjoy putting their abilities and passions to the test through challenges of speed and endurance. There are many cycling challenges available to choose from on the sport’s calendar, including independent challenges such as those chosen by Denise Van-Outen and her Essex2India challenge; but for many cyclists, a test such as this requires a certain amount of care and preparation. With that in mind, here are a few elements to think about when working through how to prepare for a cycle challenge.

Be Smart with your training

Typically, the degree of training that you do to prepare for your event will depend significantly on the extent of the challenge that you are facing, as well as your current fitness level. Most avid cyclists will have an exercise routine in mind that works well, with some choosing to opt for exercise bike hire as a way to improve their endurance and physical strength at home before getting out on the streets for a live event. Hiring a bike can be a great first step for individuals who haven’t been out on a bike in some time as well, as it will help them to build their confidence over time, rather than jumping straight in and running the risk of embarrassment or failure.

Like any other form of training, it’s important to know your limits. Going too far and injuring yourself is a sure way to fail the challenge that you have in mind before it’s even begun, so take the time to think about what you can do and set reasonable goals for yourself. When you’re just a beginner, try staying to slower, shorter rides and once your strength begins to build you can see how you feel about challenging yourself further, or pushing a little harder. Remember to take your time, a quicker pace will eventually develop naturally, and there’s no need to push it.

Look after your bike

Successfully preparing to complete a cycle challenge doesn’t just mean looking after your own body, it means looking after your bike too. It’s a fantastic step to train yourself to a better shape, but you won’t get anywhere without a bike that’s ready to go. Test yourself on the extent of your bike knowledge, so that you can be sure you’re familiar with every aspect of your machine before you even start riding it. This way, you’ll be able to make sure you can do a couple of last minute repairs if you need to. Remember, you can’t win anything if you get stopped half-way through by a sudden tire puncture. You should, however, make sure to get your bike booked in for a full service some time before the event to ensure that all of the necessary components are functioning as they should be.