Why are Cross Trainers so Good for you

The Cross trainer, also referred to as an elliptical trainer, offers a fantastic fitness alternative for people who want to make a change from treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes. So why are cross trainers so good for you?  Using a cross trainer to train has huge benefits for your cardiovascular health, which is fantastic for promoting a better physique, improved well-being, and enhanced happiness overall. When used on a regular basis, cross trainers can actively assist you in losing weight quickly and effectively, without putting you in a position where exercise takes over your life. Cross trainer hire now means that individuals can access these high-quality pieces of equipment within their own home, allowing them to workout whenever, and however they choose.

What does a Cross Trainer Do?

A cross trainer is a piece of exercise equipment which combines the motions of a treadmill, climber and exercise bike into one package. This means you get the combined benefits of cross country, hiking, and biking all in a singular machine. With an elliptical machine, your legs move in an elongated oval motion, hence the term “elliptical”.

Here are just some of the many benefits associated with cross training.

  1. Burn more Calories

Depending on the intensity of your training sessions, you may find that you burn more calories using an elliptical trainer than you do using an exercise bike or treadmill. The actual workout will feel similar to a brisk walk, though you will be exerting just as much energy as you would if you were running. Many elliptical trainers burn up to ten calories a minute.

  1. Reduce Joint Stress

Another benefit in using a cross trainer is that you reduce impact on your joints. Though the machine provides a workout that is similar to jogging, it avoids the constant pounding that running can have on your legs. Because your limbs remain in a constant state of contact with the machine in question, the operation of a cross trainer limits the amount of impact that is generated towards your joints. This is why many fitness experts recommend elliptical trainers to people who suffer from physical ailments such as arthritis and bad joints.

  1. Safe to Use at Home

Another great aspect about cross training is that when you stop working out, the machine stops too. The amount of resistance on your trainer will determine exactly how much effort you have to exert to stay in motion, and the speed will be determined according to your movement. This means you don’t need a professional watching you to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

  1. Complete Body Workout

If you hold onto the handle bars during your workout, you’ll be getting a full body workout that spans across your legs, arms, stomach, back, and your entire body. Some people prefer to avoid using the bar because it causes them to move more slowly. On the other hand, not using the bar could also enhance the effort exerted by your abs in keeping you stable. Choosing the workout that works for you will take some personal experimentation.