What to do with the kids this half term

According to Government advice, our children (aged 5 – 18) should do at least one hour of aerobic exercise every day; this is not always easy with school, after school clubs, hobbies, homework etc.  But as parents, we can encourage our children to take up energetic hobbies such as team sports, so they get regular exercise but have fun at the same time.  It’s often easier to ensure your children get the recommended daily amount of exercise during the holidays when there’s no homework pressures.  So, what kind of activities can you do together during this half term?

We’ve put together some ideas ranging from moderate aerobic exercise to intense exercise plus some muscle strengthening ideas.

Family Walks

This is something the whole family can do and will benefit from, either with or without a dog!  Getting out in the fresh air and taking a brisk walk will raise your heart rate and give you a good sense of achievement.  It’s been proven that walking enhances your mood and what’s more, it’s free.


All kids love going to a playground.  Most people have a local playground nearby so why not take a walk to your local facility.  This type of play is great for children as it helps with their social development by interacting with other children and they get good aerobic and strength exercise from climbing, jumping, running and so on.  Again, the parks are free so are a must for the holidays. Cycle Rides Getting the bikes out on nice dry days is a fantastic family past time.  It’s a nice thing to do together and is a good form of low impact aerobic exercise.  You can literally burn hundreds of calories during a one hour cycle ride and it’ll tone up your legs too.  The kids will love it and again, it’s free.


Take the children swimming at your local pool.  Children love swimming and it’s a great aerobic and strength exercise for them, even if they just splash around and have fun.  Most local leisure centres have indoor pools that don’t cost too much and some have slides and flumes to make it more interesting.


Get the disco ball out and have a dance!  Dancing is a great aerobic exercise that anyone can do.  It raises your heart rate, tones your legs and buttocks and will even help you develop your core strength.  Why not enlist Dad to do some Dad dancing so you can all have a giggle too.

Tree Climbing

Good old fashioned tree climbing is a perfect muscle strengthening activity for children.  The best trees for this are those that have long branches that extend out horizontally so there’s space for children to climb and then sit for a while to ponder their achievements.

Hire Fitness Equipment from Hire Fitness

As we offer gym quality fitness equipment for hire, for periods of 4 weeks or more, why not hire an exercise bike or an elliptical cross trainer for the half term? Both these pieces of fitness equipment are perfect low impact aerobic exercises and are suitable for secondary/high school age children upwards.  If your children are interested in rowing, or they’re keen rowers already, why not hire a rowing machine and let them try it out during the holidays.  We deliver and install the equipment for you so why not give us a call today to find your local Hire Fitness sales office:  0800 97 88 555

Local Leisure Centres

If the weather’s really not good, why not check out the half term activities your local leisure centre is offering for children.  There’s usually a range of classes and activities suitable for children of all age groups and it won’t’ cost the earth. Whatever you do this half term, don’t let the children sit in front of the television or play on computer games for too long.  Getting them out and about will make them much happier and healthier and they’ll sleep better into the bargain, giving you the peaceful evenings you deserve!