Using An Elliptical Cross Trainer

With new years resolutions just around the corner, you might want to hire an elliptical cross trainer to kick-start those new year goals. So why choose a cross trainer? Because it’s the perfect piece of fitness equipment to help you achieve an all over body workout. The cross trainer targets every major muscle group in your body including your arms, legs, shoulders, back, abdominal area and buttocks and it quickly tones muscles unlike any other gym equipment.

As a beginner, you should make sure you always warm up properly before any exercise. A warm up can be some star jumps, squats, push ups and sit-ups; anything to start getting your heart rate up a little and get your muscles warm.

Begin by standing up straight on the cross trainer and set the intensity quite low – you can increase it if it’s too easy for you but it’s always best to start by taking it easy. Begin by placing your hands on the static handlebars and start ‘pedaling’ the cross trainer but remember to keep your back straight and your heels down in order to stretch your calf muscles.

When you get the hang of this, you can move your hands to the moving handlebars to help exercise your upper body as well.

If you want to make your exercise routine more challenging, you can increase the intensity or resistance or simply pedal faster.

Remember to keep your knees slightly bent whilst pedaling.

When you’re confident, you might want to try pedalling backwards which helps tone your thighs.

To help increase your core strength, try releasing your hold on the handlebars and concentrate on balancing your body by using your abdominal and core muscles.

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