Top Tips for Treadmill Workouts

It’s safe to say that the treadmill is a fantastic option for cardio training. Even if you feel as though you are moving faster when you’re running outdoors, the inclines, and different settings that can be accessed using a treadmill could mean that you can actually get more from the belt, than from outdoor sessions. With treadmill hire, it’s easier than ever for health-conscious individuals to start doing more for their fitness routines, without having to worry about the numerous problems that can arise in signing up for a gym membership, and turning up to the same health centre every day.

However, regardless of how great treadmill exercise can be, you might find that it starts to get a little boring after a while. At this point, you might decide to simply switch to a new piece of equipment, if you’re hiring from Hire Fitness, or you may decide to try some tricks for getting more out of your workout.

  1. Work Those Hips

No-one ever said that you’re restricted to walking forwards on your treadmill. Why not have a go at side-stepping instead – you’ll work your outer and inner thighs, alongside your calves, abs, hips, and obliques. Sideways walking will strengthen your balance and it can be easy- once you get used to it. With your left hand on the front rail, and your right hand on the right railing, turn your body so that the right rail is in front. Just remember to train both sides equally.

  1. Go Uphill – and backwards

Since you now know that you don’t have to walk forwards on the treadmill, why not try going backwards instead? It can take slightly more concentration, and you will have to go at a slower speed, but this can work perfectly when it comes to strengthening your glutes, quads, and calves. If you’re not completely comfortable walking backwards, you could simply turn off the power and lean into the front of the treadmill, then use your leg power to push the belt manually.

  1. Enhance Your Strength

A lot of people seem to forget that the treadmill is more than just a good way to work out your lower body. You can easily engage in chest presses and dips with the treadmill. Do engage in a triceps dip, stand normally, and put your hands on the rear rails, leaning back towards your heels and bending your arms, before pushing into a starting position.

  1. Tabata Intervals

An amazing workout using treadmill hire doesn’t have to take all of your spare time. Start by warming up, then set your treadmill to about a 10% incline, and sprint. Perform about twenty seconds of high intensity running, followed by ten seconds of rest (or walking), then repeat this for twelve sets.

  1. Put Your Hands Up In the Air Sometimes

This might look kind of strange, but it’s great for increasing your heart rate and giving you a little bit more of a challenge. Simply walk with your arms overhead, or move your arms up and down throughout the entire session.