The Best Way to Lose Weight

Paul Healey

So What is The Best Way to Lose Weight?

With the Spring (hopefully) not too far away now, you may be turning your thoughts towards the beach and how you’re going to look in your new swimwear.  You may be thinking, what is the best way to lose weight?  You’ll no doubt be thinking about which diet is best for you and which fitness programme will serve you best.  Well, we think we have a strategy that might just give you a helping hand and give you the motivation to tone up ready for the summer.

Ditch your Bathroom Scales

We believe you should ditch your bathroom scales and take out your tape measure to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.  The problem with bathroom scales is that when you decide you want to lose weight, you usually begin a ‘weight loss’ programme which involves probably both a healthy diet and an exercise programme.  That’s all very good and commendable but the problem is how do you maintain the motivation to keep up your new regime when after a few weeks, the scales tell you you’re still the same weight or even sometimes heavier than when you first started.  This can be incredibly disheartening to the point that you lose motivation and give up.

Our strategy to help you keep going is to forget the scales and concentrate on regularly measuring the parts of your body you’re keen to tone up; the most common areas being hips, upper legs/thighs, abdomen and chest.  In the first 4 weeks of beginning any fitness programme, your weight may actually go up – especially if you’re doing strength training which includes compound weight exercises coupled with resistence work.  If you stick to your programme and stick with the tape measure, you’ll notice a gradual decrease in the circumference of your thighs, abdomen etc.  You may be heavier on the scales due to muscle strength but you’ll look more toned and slimmer which is at the end of the day is what we mostly strive to achieve.  So that’s why we believe the tape measure is the key.

What are Compound Exercises?

Compound exercises are exercises that work several muscle groups at once and therefore they’re great for building muscle, for example, squats which engage lots of muscles in the lower body, back and core.  Other compound exercises include pull-ups, kettlebell swings, bar-bell thrusts.

What are Resistance Exercises?

Resistance training involves using resistance to induce muscular contraction to increase strength and muscle mass.  Resistance simply means load bearing and this form of exercise is often referred to as strength training.  So examples of resistance training are exercises using free weights, squats, abdominal curls, push-ups and chin-ups.  Exercises using our revolutionary Power Blocks are also great strength exercises.


Nicky Terrett

Hire Fitness, West London

(With thanks to Jessica Blake, Tough Love Fitness UK, for her contribution to this article)