Ten Ways to Get Fit

I have devised this Ten Ways to Get Fit list as my way of helping you to maintain your motivation and gain inspiration to achieve your goals.  Print this out and pin this list to your fridge or keep it as a screensaver on your phone so that your well being becomes a daily habit.

1. Never go more than 48 hours without some form of exercise.
2. Prioritise task over time – train harder, not longer.
3. Ensure that your heart rate exceeds 70% of maximum capacity at least three times during a half hour period of ‘cardio’ training.  I can provide you with a range of cardio fitness equipment to buy www.ultim8fitness.co.uk or gym equipment to hire in Essex to help you achive this.
4. Favour compound movements that utilise more muscle in one exercise, over small isolated muscle training.
5. Never do the identical workout two days consecutively; mix it up.
6. Weights and resistance training should be heavy enough to ensure a 8 to 12 repetition max, repeated three times within a workout.
7. Set aside dedicated time to stretch, holding each position for at least 40 seconds (aim for 90) to gain the correct benefits.
8. Do some core work every day – even if its a few Planks in front of the TV)
9. Eat to support your training needs, not your emotional needs.
10. Write down your goals. Reset them often and measure your progress to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Most of all, enjoy your ‘me’ time.  Think of it as time to get away from the stress of work and daily life; time to invest in your future; time to build your confidence.

Stefan Przepiora

Hire Fitness, East London

(with thanks to Jess)