Run a Half Marathon on a Treadmill

Cardiff Half Marathon on a Treadmill – 2013

We can all be seriously impressed even to the point of amazement by the many charity events organised by the people of Wales, Hereford and the West Midlands. There seems to be no limit to the discomfort that people are willing to overcome in aid of others; running for miles, hurling themselves out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, cycling several times around the globe, you know the sort of thing! Or even running a half marathon on a treadmill.

We are all rightly familiar with being asked to support the dedicated supporters of those less fortunate than ourselves and whilst it would be impossible to support each and every effort made to help others we too do ‘our bit’ wherever we can.

Recently we were approached by Richard Barningham of Age Concern, Cardiff; a more enthusiastic and determined fund-raiser you will have to pogo-stick blindfolded, wearing a tutu many a mile to beat. By the end of the call, it was all I could do to keep my purse in my pocket. “Yes, we’ll provide you with a treadmill for the event and waive any delivery charge” I heard myself saying, then “Is one machine enough?”(!). We had been invited to provide a treadmill at the Cardiff Business Show where local businesses showed off their wares, services and ideas. Come the day, we were there too, supporting Richard and his team, as he undertook to give it his all. No one could fail to be impressed by Richard and his CEO, Rachel Rowlands, as they ran a half-marathon each during the course of a business conference at the Cardiff Business Centre in Cardiff Football Stadium on one of our Hire Fitness treadmills. Their dedication, energy and dynamism in support of Age Concern is truly impressive and their commitment truly infectious judging by the number of people who promised to follow in their shoes.

At Hire Fitness we formed such a bond with Richard, Rachel and their inspiring team that we have vowed to maintain this commitment each year.

Age Concern can properly be regarded as the 4th emergency service; providing essential home care for the elderly, often for people who have little or no other human contact during their week. Their volunteers are passionate about helping those who have given so much throughout their entire lives and ask for so little in return. We are proud to lend our support to their sterling work .

Great Success at the Cardiff Half Marathon

Richard and Rachel both completed the Cardiff half marathon with great times (2 hours 4 mins and 2 hours 2 mins) and managed to raise over £2,000 for Age Concern.

All I can say is, can we have our machines back now please Richard?

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