Marathon From Hire Fitness Midlands

With the early dark nights not helping us get motivated to exercise why not set yourself a challenge to see the winter through.

I’ve just done exactly that by entering the Coventry half marathon on the 23rd March next year. I have NEVER run a marathon before and I’m really not a runner so I’ll need all the training I can get! I have just under 20 weeks to train to reach my goal and I’m determined to do well in the race.

How to Prepare for a Marathon

Running on a treadmill will be one of my biggest training tools to avoid the cold weather and soon to be slippery pavements. Here are my tips to prepare for a marathon:

1. Eat well, sleep well and generally stay fit. Start running or training slowly and build as you grow in strength and stamina.

2. Increase your initial weekly runs by about 10 %. As you progress into your training you can increase your longer runs by a mile at a time and then 2 miles at a time until you’ve built it up to marathon or half marathon levels.

3. During your running training, include some walking to help the body recover.

4. Take rest days and don’t overdo it. Training on 2 or 3 days a week should be sufficient.

5. After each training session eat some carbs to replace energy levels and some protein to help repair the muscles in your legs.

If you live in the Midlands, why not sign up to one of the following events for next year:

15 Feb Morton Morrell mad dash 10k
01 March – Cannock chase 10k
9 March – The Florette Fradley Litchfield 10k
16 Mar – Stafford Half Marathon
23 Mar – Warwick Half Marathon
27 Apr – Shakespeare Half Marathon 04 May – Litchfield Half Marathon

Set yourself a goal and join me in a challenge not just to get fitter but to achieve something maybe you didn’t feel was possible. With a wide range of treadmills to choose from we will have something for your needs so start your challenge today and give us a call.


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