Is An Office Gym A Good Idea

Office Gyms

There has been a lot of research over the years into whether or not office gyms help to increase productivity. Well, it’s been proven that regular breaks and time to allow people to go to the gym, really is a good thing. It can significantly improve your employees moods, energy levels, overall well-being and ultimately productivity levels as a direct result. What’s more, it helps to keep sick absences low as exercise helps minimise stress and illness.

In these tough economic times, you may have to cut back on staff bonuses and commissions but by introducing staff benefits such as an office gym, you’re helping to foster a long term loyalty towards the company, thereby improving retention rates. Recruitment is easier too as companies offering staff benefits such as an office gym are always perceived to be more popular than those companies who don’t offer such perks.

At Hire Fitness we can help you create an ideal environment where your staff can enjoy regular exercise in a convenient location based in your office. We have a vast array of experience of setting up corporate gyms across the country, for companies who are looking to invest in the well being of their staff.

Using state of the art fitness equipment, Hire Fitness is uniquely positioned to offer companies the ability to set up a corporate gym on a trial period, to test if the facility is used by staff on a regular basis. Why pay out for lots of Fitness Equipment when you could hire for a 12 month period. At the end of the initial hire period you can then decide whether you want to continue hiring, or whether you want to buy the kit you have on hire, or simply return the kit.

But we don’t just offer you the equipment; great customer service is essential to us and we believe it’s about developing a relationship where we offer you full staff inductions, pre screening forms, health and safety, regular maintenance checks and risk assessments, as part of the package. Every gym we set up is different and the range of equipment we have available allows us to tailor every gym in a bespoke manner. From Cardiovascular equipment, fixed resistance equipment, free weights and accessories, your gym is designed specifically for you.

By investing in a gym you are investing in your company. From increased productivity, to encouraging wellness within your workforce. A person who completes regular exercise manages stress better and exercise leads to improved sleep (not at work!) which all helps to develop increased energy levels.

We have plenty of testimonials of gyms in the corporate environment. We offer a free site visit with no obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Investing in your employees well-being is an investment in your success as a business!!

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