Indoor Cycling

Too Cold For Lycra! Indoor Cycling For Me

Winter is upon us and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fair weather cyclist; just went out on the bike and now can’t feel my feet or fingers or for that matter other extremities that were only protected by a thin layer of Lycra! Think it’s indoor cycling for me from now on!

After a fantastic summer, where I cycled around most of Dartmoor and managed to conquer Alpe D’ Huez almost as quickly as Chris Froome (when I say almost, I mean add about another 45 minutes!!) I am now resigned to a winter of using the spinning bike and the occasional dry winter weekend ride as long as there is no wind and the temperature does not dip below 6 degrees centigrade (I told you I was a fair weather cyclist!)

I was fortunate enough to go to France for a week’s holiday to watch the closing stages of the Tour de France this summer. I stood in awe as I saw them pass twice on that infamous epic climb, they made it look easy. I was standing right by the point Chris Froome took his gel that cost him a fine of £700, hope it didn’t taste as bad as most energy gels for that kind of money!

A tired looking Froome Dog in the Yellow Jersey…to be fair at this point he had completed about 170 km and this was his second ascent of the mountain. Also in picture Nairo Quintana in the White Jersey looking not so tired and spot the nonchalant looking Frenchman!

I am determined to go back and improve my time up Alpe D’Huez, in fact I am determined to improve my time on most uphill sections of my rides, I am great going downhill but when the road heads upwards for some reason my legs stop wanting to turn! They say the easiest way to improve your climbing is to lose weight, unfortunately now that I can’t get on the bike as much in the evenings the weight seems to be piling on again, usual problem of same intake of calories but less opportunity to burn them. That’s where the indoor bike comes in, especially handy that I have it in the house, now all I need to do is get on the thing and pedal!

Another piece of fitness equipment that I plan to use as part of my training regime this winter is the Vibration Plate. Research from the ‘Journal of Strength and Conditioning’ showed that the use of Vibration Plates as part of elite cyclists exercise programme gave a shortcut to improving muscle strength, after doing just five minutes of squats on a Vibration Plate their muscle power and pedalling cadence improved significantly….now I can handle five minutes of training every few days quite easily, thank you very much for a great bit of research from the academics writing in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning!

Well fingers now warmed up and I can once again feel my feet, other bits may take a bit longer to thaw!!

If you want to do indoor cycling like me on an exercise bike or race bike or you want to try some vibration training, take a look at our website to hire one for 4 weeks or more or give us a call on  and we’ll deliver to you this week.

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