How to Stay Fit This Christmas

Here are our 10 top tips on how to stay fit this Christmas

It’s a tough one – how to stay fit this Christmas? You work out all year and stay as fit as you possibly can and then when Christmas comes around, you pile the pounds on without even trying! With so much tempting food, parties, celebrations, cupboards stuffed with tempting goodies – oh and bubbly, it’s very easy to put on 4-5 pounds in just a few weeks. You have to stay strong to ensure that doesn’t happen and if you do stay strong, you’ll be sitting pretty in new year when everyone else is struggling to shift those stubborn pounds.

We know you can do it – with perhaps just a little help. So here’s our top 10 tips to stay fit this Christmas:

Moderation: Enjoy yourself and eat and drink (and be merry if you wish!) but just do so in moderation and be conscious of exactly what you’re eating and drinking. Coloured foods at the buffet table are the best choice you can make (fruit and veg) – generally the more colourful = the more healthy.
Don’t over do the Alcohol: Remember that alcohol is extremely calorific. Choose slimline mixers whenever possible and don’t over do it on the bubbly! Just remember, there are around 90 calories in every glass of champagne.
Keep hydrated: Drink plenty of water every day. The European Food Safety Authority recommends women drink 1.6 litres of fluid a day and men around 2 litres a day; that’s about 8 glasses for women and 10 for men.
Dance: Use Christmas parties as an excuse to maintain your fitness. Did you know that dancing can burn up to 250 calories an hour? Go for it on that dance floor!
Don’t skip meals: Never skip a meal. It’s important to have at least 3 proper meals a day. If you miss a meal thinking you’ll be doing yourself a favour… won’t. The muscle will start turning to fat which is the body’s response to perceived starvation. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, with healthy snacks in between times to stop you reaching for theQuality Street!!
Healthy snacks: If you’re at a party and you’re offered snacks with a drink, have some will power and only say yes to raw veggies and dips. Say no to the crisps, peanuts and unhealthy snacks. You’ll be proud of yourself when you do.
Sleep like a baby: Don’t forget that muscle and cells grow and regenerate when you’re asleep. So make sure you get plenty of sleep, in spite of those Christmas parties. A rested body and a rested mind regulates your mood and helps you make the right choices.
Turkey: Don’t cook your Christmas turkey in lashings of butter or oil and don’t forget to take the skin off for a more healthy option.
Christmas puddings: Rather than Christmas pudding with loads of cream, why not try something like meringue with fresh fruit and fromage frais as a much healthier choice.
Exercise: It’s a busy time of year with lots to do but try to make time for some exercise if you can. If you can’t maintain your exercise of choice, make sure you run up and down stairs and don’t take the lift!! Walk the kids to school, don’t drive and cycle to the shops whenever possible rather than choosing the car.
Most of all Enjoy yourself! Have these 10 top tips in the back of your mind this Christmas and you’ll have a healthy and happy Christmas and new year.
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