How to Lose Weight

Rocket science

Why do so many of us find it so difficult to loose weight after all it’s not Rocket Science.

How to lose weight – it’s a simple fact you have to consume less calories than you burn off to loose weight which leaves you three options eat less, burn more or do both. It stands to reason if you consume 2500 calories a day and only burn off 2400 a day you have 100 surplus calories which your body will store as fat. It may not seem a lot but if you did this for 35 consecutive days you have increased your body weight by a pound, which equates to 10lb a year.  It’s no wonder that as we get older and less active we start to put on weight.

There are a few simple things you need to know before you embark on the task of losing weight.

1.   The first is know how many calories you need, to keep the weight you are now.

2.   The second is how many calories you actually consume.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different; if you live an active one -say that of a postman delivering mail on foot then you are going to burn more calories in the average day and your requirement is going to be higher than that of a receptionist who spends most of the day sat at a desk. There are a number of ways you can find out how many calories you burn in a typical day, you can find your estimated requirement on the net by visiting sites such as
Or if you want to be more accurate you could wear an activity tracker which is linked to a free app on your smart phone which will track your full 24hr day. I recently used a Polar chest strap for 24hrs linked to the free app Polar beat which told me in that 24hr period I had burned 1995 calories.  So I now know how many calories I need per day to stay the same weight.

The next step is too monitor your calorie intake Hire Fitness have made this simple for you – just visit our web site and click on the Hire Fitness Diet Club   We have teamed up with Nutracheck, one of the UK’s leading online weight loss services to provide you with your own food diary.

You now know what your calorie intake is and have a good idea of what you need to stay the same weight. The decision now is what you are going to do!
1) If your calorie intake is higher than your calorie burn then expect to increase weight.
2) If your calorie intake is lower than your calorie burn expect to lose weight.

Options are:
1) Do nothing and accept the consequences.
2) Reduce your calorie intake below your calorie burn. Not always easy or pleasant but with the “Diet Club” there’s a useful food swap which will help.
3) Burn more calories. Hire Fitness can certainly help you with that, we will advise you what machine best suits your needs and circumstances.  Give me a call on  0800 612 6822 or email
4) Fast track – cut your calories while at the same time burning more.

It’s not simple but it’s not Rocket Science ether.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Les Walsh

Hire Fitness, Cambridge