How to Get Fit and Earn Your Summer Body – There’s Still Time!

The sun has begun to loom over all of us again, offering a combination of relaxing warm rays, and stresses associated with sculpting a perfect body from the layers of fat that might have accumulated during the colder months. If you’re desperate for a stunning physique this summer, then there’s still time to get started on figuring out the perfect diet and weight loss regime.

Following, we’ll provide a couple of quick and simple tips designed to help you tackle the extra pounds, burn calories faster, and above all create the body that you’ve been dreaming of all year long.

Step 2: Drink Plenty and Eat Healthy

If you’ve been devoting your free time to high-intensity workouts, but you’re still not seeing the benefits, you might need to rethink your current diet. After all, what you eat is the fuel that keeps you moving through a difficult exercise regimen. If you are filling your body full of foods that are designed to clog up your metabolism and slow down your system, then you’re bound to struggle when it comes to sculpting that bikini-body.

Replace high-fat foods and carbohydrates with plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and processed sugars, which means that your body can break them down quickly into energy. At the same time, keep yourself hydrated with at least eight glasses of water a day to help ensure that your systems remain running smoothly at all times.

Step 3: Avoid Alcohol

When the beach is beckoning and your friends seem to be constantly inviting you to barbeques and other sunshine-friendly events, it can seem as though passing up alcohol is something of an impossible feat. Unfortunately, that extra glass of wine or bottle of beer could be negating all of the hard work you’ve been doing to get your body ready for swimsuit season.

A standard glass of wine contains about as many calories as a piece of chocolate, and a pint of beer has the calorific equivalent of a packet of crisps. If you drink five pints of lager a week, the extra calories you consume can add up to about 44,200 calories a year, which is the equivalent of around 221 doughnuts.

Step 1: Build the Right Muscles

This is not just one for the lads! Although women generally tend to avoid strength training because they’re concerned that it will leave them with bulky muscles and an unsightly figure, the truth is that working on your muscles is actually a lot more important than you might think. Not only will building your muscles by hiring a rowing machine and a set of weights help your metabolism to work faster, but it’s also not going to give you those huge muscles you’re worried about.

With the right workout, you can focus on building lean muscles that give you nothing more than a flat stomach, perfectly toned abs, and a set of stunning thighs, all while improving your energy levels, and increasing your chances of losing weight faster in the future.