How to get a flat stomach

Paul Healey

How to get a flat stomach:  Unlike so many other muscle groups, your abdominals need to be challenged every day because can you believe it, they have poor muscle memory!  So that’s why it’s often tricky to maintain a flat stomach.  It’s always so tempting to focus soley on the front part of your stomach – the bit you see when you look front on in the mirror (the rectus abdominis) but in fact it’s much more important to target the muscles running down the side, ie the transverse abdominis and the obliques. This will ensure greater core function and support of the lower back as well as tightening the abdominal muscles from the side and thereby flattening them – just what we all want to achieve in time for summer!

So, how to get a flat stomach?  Good exercises to focus on are:

Side planks
Weighted side bends
Wood chops across the body with a weight or cable machine
Upper body rotation

Here is a video demonstrating the side plank, combined with a wood chop – perfect for helping to achieve a flat stomach.



Thank you to Jessica Blake from Tough Love for providing this informative article and instructional video.

Nicky Terrett

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