How to Create a Pain Cave

Would you like your very own Pain Cave?  Then read on…..

Now for those of you who are not into serious cycling the ‘Pain Cave’ may not be a term you are familiar with. Just to reassure you there is nothing at all sinister about a pain cave, at least in the context of the indoor cycling world (not to my knowledge anyway!).  The term pain cave may not in fact be exclusively used by those seeking a place to undertake cycle training indoors; in fact it could be used by all sorts of athletes/masochists.

So what is it?…..well it does not necessarily have to be a cave (but that would be a great thing to impress your cycling buddies with if it was!) It should have the ability to be as dark as a cave and if you could replicate the cool stable temperature associated with a cave environment then all the better, however, Bat’s and any other form of flora and fauna associated with a traditional cave are best avoided, especially hibernating Bears.

Ideally the cave should be in a location where other people cannot be disturbed by the sounds of your suffering, it should be big enough to be able to accommodate your exercise equipment of choice, which in most cases in the cycling world would be an indoor exercise/spin bike and also be dry enough to ensure that none of the equipment rusts…so unlike a proper cave no earth floor allowed.

Now you are probably thinking this is just a room in the house where I can locate some Fitness kit right?…Wrong! There is more to it than that, this room needs a bit extra, such as a minimum 42 inch wide screen TV ideally linked to an 800 decibel surround sound system! Oh and you will also benefit from a large floor standing fan and some towels. This is a place where you should sweat…a lot.

Whilst the pain cave probably sounds quite macho it is not just a place for the boys, pain is not sexist and the pain cave will happily welcome all genders as long as they are committed to ensuring that the level of intensity of their workout makes them suffer!

Now seriously, you should of course not exercise to the point of real pain that would be dangerous and more than likely counter-productive but what an environment like the pain cave described above would allow you to do is isolate yourself from the rest of the world and concentrate on training at an intensity that gets results in a relatively short space of time by putting on your most motivational tunes or indoor training videos and either spinning, rowing, running or working out on a X- trainer in a room that is dedicated to your suffering for the period you train.

It need not be a large room, spinning bikes, rowers, cross trainers can be easily moved around on their transport wheels and treadmills can be folded away to clear the area for free weight training or stretching…so a pain cave could be your spare bedroom, conservatory, lounge, dining room, well insulated garage or shed but remember please avoid hibernating bears!

Thanks for reading
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