How do you keep fit with young children

So, how do you keep fit with young children?  It’s often hard to find the time to get to the gym or go out for a run when you have a young family but actually, it’s something we can all do by adapting our lives just a little.  A recent study indicates that if you’re a young woman with young children, you tend to have a higher Body Mass Index and consume a higher fat diet compared to a woman in the same age group who does not have children. However, you can still overcome your post-baby bulge while setting the best example to your young ones. Keeping fit when you have young children means remaining active with your kids throughout their growth and development. If you have older children, you could hire a treadmill for the whole family: Click here to view our treadmills for home hire   But if your children are younger, there are some exercises that you can do as a family, and the following are some ideas for workout routines.

A workout does not mean that you have to run laps or lift weights in a gym, which requires setting aside a particular time for exercise. You should think of exercise as leading an active lifestyle, which you can do with your kids, and you will be able to fit in more workouts than you can imagine. The good thing about exercising with your family is that it will double up as some quality time spent with your loved ones.

Younger children love it when Mum joins in on the fun, so you can organise outdoor activities that you can do as a family. You can take your kids to the local park and spend the day playing games and enjoying each other’s company. You can also organise play dates for your little ones, and this will provide you with free time that you can use to go to your local gym. If your kids are older, they might not be free to spend so much time but you can organize a hike or go biking as a family.

If you are not able to leave the house, you can still turn your house into one big exercise yard. For instance, you can walk up and down the stairs with your kids. Even if you are seated in front of the television, you can sneak workouts into your viewing time by turning television commercials into exercise breaks. You can give silly names to simple exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and squats, and do them as a family until your show resumes. Another thing you can do is to turn daily household chores into fun games that you can enjoy with your kids.

Getting into shape is about setting goals that you can attain and finding an activity that suits your personal needs. If you are starting out, a simple activity like walking, jogging, biking or swimming will do just fine. You can even take dance classes in order to remain active. It’s important for you to be patient with your body and not push yourself too hard. This is because if you hurriedly increase your intensity, you could be injured and lose your motivation. Before you begin any workout program, it’s important for you to consult your doctor. Your family and friends can be called upon to give you the necessary support as you embark on a healthier lifestyle.


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